We all have a great longing for union, with others, with ourselves, ultimately with life itself!

The more powerful your desire, the more of life is needed to satisfy it. Take a moment and observe if you are asking your partner or beloved to be everything for you, to represent life itself for you, to be able to receive and give everything you ask from life.

This expectation is quite irrational. We should stop to feel: how can I feel complete, how can I offer myself to living with totality and filling myself with it to be satisfied, to feel complete.

If you really found a being able to give themselves and receive you with totality, you would discover your own fear. A deep union bears much vertigo. This pleasure is so intense that may feel you are about to dissolve, fade, melt, to get lost forever.

If love lives in your heart, the desire in your guts, the mind in your head, allow consciousness to live in your whole body and beyond it.

Sometimes people ask me if one renounces sex when enlightened.

Well, no, it’s not a question of renouncing, it is a question of the energy being transformed, it expands so much that the actual sexual energy becomes Ecstasy, ecstasy pulsating with all existence.

Therefore, the tantrikas talk about sex as a portal for the expansion of consciousness, for the experience of unity, of merging with All That Is!

With love for you,