Monthly Meditation – December 2012

Fear and greed are two feelings that contract your consciousness and focus your energy on something narrow and concrete.

When you are hunting in the forest and a lion appears, sometimes this contraction is necessary.

When we feel threatened and our survival is at stake, these feelings are also useful for the body to protect itself from disappearing.

By contrast, when we inadvertently live in a culture that promotes beliefs and thoughts that generate a subtle terror that slowly but surely extinguishes our fire, we have to be very careful about deliberately expanding our consciousness so that it moves out of the constriction that tends to become a habit without us realizing it.

Throughout your day-to-day life, when you remember, in some small moments, stop for an instant, feel your breath, realize if your thoughts are generating contraction; abandon them and expand your consciousness beyond your body in all directions, as if you were coming out of every pore of your skin to the outside and become big, embrace all the space that you occupy and expand even more to embrace the town, city, region, country, the world, the infinite space within which we float. Nourish yourself with that infinite space, consciously absorb it into all your cells so that it penetrates your inner space and feel what never begins and never ends, the magnificence, what IS and always will be.

It is the best method anti-crisis and pettiness that I have tried. Your cells receive information from the truth first hand, ha, ha, ha, it’s so simple!

Get the goose out of the bottle, it will be infinitely more comfortable, ha, ha, ha, if you find it, of course!

A huge hug to everyone,