Monthly Meditation – February 2012


The ears are a purely feminine sense, receptive, always open to receive the sounds of the environment.

In order not to hear ourselves we have to cover our ears, or become detached so as not to pay attention.

In daily life we are exposed to many types of sounds, sounds that make us vibrate with delight, that open our hearts, that hammer our heads, sounds that form words that take on meaning, that activate our judgment or comparison, that awaken our concern or desire… voice tones that carry many types of information that activate our emotions, etc.

I invite you to pause internally from time to time and become aware of all the sounds that reach your ears, the ones that are closest to you, the ones that are farthest away, the voices of a conversation, the sounds of nature, of the city… expand your awareness from the inside out… expand it more and more as you tune up to receive all the sounds that reach you in this moment… feel how they vibrate in you… expand your consciousness, even beyond the most distant sounds you perceive… expand your consciousness imagining that you are expanding it towards space, towards that place where all sounds are diluted, like when you hear the sound emitted by a Tibetan bowl or a violin and you perceive how the vibration travels and travels towards space until it is diluted.

Observe how you perceive yourself in that expansion… feel how space is the container of all sounds… listen and you will hear the eternal silence tinged with all sounds, listen to the sound of a hand clapping, feel what happens to you in that expanded listening.

Then apply this listening when a loved one speaks to you and later with anyone who addresses you…

What do you feel, hear and perceive inside you and around you?




In India this Full Moon is dedicated to the all-embracing consciousness, Shiva!

Shiva is the consciousness that reflects the world with the same innocence as a mirror, it simply witnesses what there is, reflects what there is!

Come out that night when the moon is full in the sky, sit or lie down so that you can look at it with your eyes gently ajar, your gaze sweet and relaxed…

Imagine that you are a mirror in which the moon reflects! for at least 15 minutes and then go to sleep, if you have been activated by the presence of the moon, dance to soft and flowing music or sing sounds without forming words or caring about tuning or not, let the sound simply come out.