Monthly Meditation – May 2012



With this sweet spring awakening and the energy that comes with it, we can, instead of walking around desperately horny or being slaves to the hormone, take advantage and become more radiant and full of creativity and joy.

I invite you to do this simple meditation that connects the vitality of your sex with the serenity and love of your heart, with the peace and clarity of your mind. In this state the encounter with the other is more conscious, relaxed, sensitive and rewarding.

In the mornings before getting up to your daily chores, place tenderly your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your genitals, feel your breath slowly expanding as you maintain your relaxed presence in these two precious places of your body. Soon you will feel the breath joining them with a wave, your pelvic floor, your genitals, your belly, your lungs and your heart.

Keep feeling and letting yourself be swayed by the breath joining the vessel of your sexuality with the vessel of your love. Soon you will feel the vessels filling up and you will feel the subtlety of the energy merging with the cells, the tissues, the muscles, the skin of your body… continue to be aware and present feeling the body until you feel it full of this sweet vitality that arises from the presence and exchange between sex and the thymus or heart.

When you feel the whole body full of presence and perceive the flow between the sex and the heart, then expand your awareness to the skull and allow it to be flooded with presence and vitality. You will feel the breath swaying the skull and expanding into it.

The first few days it will take a little longer to feel the flow of energy through your body, and then you can do it anytime you have a few idle moments or decide to feel this flow of vitality through you.

This is living ecstatically! Full serene and full of vitality at the same time, with tenderness!