This simple method is particularly good when you are off centre, you have become armoured for something, you are sick or closed up to intimacy with life! Or simply you are on the road to realizing what already is! In a very simple way you reconnect with yourself and your body-mind!

It is a method by Osho with some of my contributions, actually rather than a method it is an invitation to make an everyday thing of the fact that you can witness and learn to maintain your awareness state open so as to feel your essence consciousness even amid the maelstrom of life!

Step 1:

Whenever you remember, listen, feel, and look inside your body. Scan it with tenderness and consciously, your neck, jaw, thighs, pelvis, shoulders, etc … and invite any part that may be carrying tension at that time to relax. Talk to it with affection, something like: I feel your tension and if you believe it appropriate I invite you to relax! Do not be afraid, you can relax now, I’m here!

Gradually trust will be established and a natural dialogue with your body!

Sometimes it suffices to feel the tension affectionately somewhere for this part to simply relax!

You will be amazed how your body responds to your invitations and suggestions, it follows you, listens to you when you are consciously linked to it and feeling!

This connection will gradually settle; it is a small click of consciousness!

Step 2:

Relax your mind!

Now go a little deeper! Observe your mental activity and invite the mind to relax!

Once you have learned to be aware of the body and establishing a connection with it, you’ll be rooted in the present and from there you can observe the mind.

It is important to start with the body, to observe and relax the mind is more complex, because if you start with the mind, you will easily become uprooted and lost in time or in the virtual reality that is often created by the mind!

Settled comfortably in the conscious body, observe the flow of thoughts, their content varies, but their coordinates are usually the same: judgment, comparison, doubt, past and future…

Enter consciously the spaces between thoughts; invite your mind to relax with love, to slow down your activity…

Step 3:

You have become the conscious dweller of your body and the witness of the mental flow; you can now delve into the heart because you will have much more confidence and connection with yourself. The world of feelings and emotions is even more subtle and complex.

Invite your heart to relax, to expand:

Dear heart, you can relax now, I’m here to witness your feelings and your emotions and watch them flow and get released … I’m here … feeling, embracing what is there!

Step 4:

Now you can take another leap! Delve into what it is not the body, neither the mind nor the emotions within you.

Venture into space, in the essence that permeates, in that which just IS … without being the mind or the body, or anything, that within which everything happens, that which is aware of everything without being anything specific.

Go to the centre of your being, your existence and there … relax, release, expand…

This essence becoming aware of itself also relaxes and this relaxation in itself is the greatest expansion, it is ecstasy, joy, the largest recognition and acceptance that exists!

You will have found that your life changes in quality, it becomes lighter, like a dance!!!!!

A hug full of love and spring for you all,