Latihan is the emergence of the primordial power, Shakti, or life itself, stored inside every human being and every living creature. This power manifests spontaneously through body movements and vibration, a sense of calm and joy, clarity and enlightment. His essential nature is celebration and gratitude. Latihan makes possible an immense awareness of the Wisdom from which we really emerge and where the whole universe is contained.

When you experience these essential and spontaneous movements, it also happens that the mind understands it is not the source of life; it does not control everything and surrenders, giving way to consciousness experiencing life through you, without the filter of the mind. This moment of Latihan or Tandava or as they call it in different cultures is profoundly liberating and joyful…

Who lives in me? Who’s dancing life through me?

It is also a beautiful meditation before getting together for intimacy and love because it dissolves the mind and prepares us to surrender to the space of natural and spontaneous bliss that allows us to merge.

Osho incorporates this meditation coming from Indonesia as a powerful means to reach the depths of the Self.

PHASE 1: Sit silently for 15 minutes and listen to soft music. Simply bring your attention to your body, feel your breath, the beating of your heart and get into the silences between thought and thought.

2nd PHASE: 15 minutes. Start relaxing the jaw and throat and loosen up your tongue. Leave all that area very soft and you will see how it disconnects from linear and repetitive thinking. Investigate gradually allowing your throat to emit little soft sounds, like a baby playing in the cradle, something like la, la, laaaa … and continue allowing sounds and nonsense words to come out. This activates the part of the brain that we no longer use since childhood, that part we used before linear thinking came into play. It allows a sweet tone conversion to happen, do not shout or look for an emotional catharsis, stay soft and relaxed like a baby.

STAGE 3: 15 minutes. While continuing a dialogue with these little sounds, get up, keep an upright and relaxed position, keep your joints loose and soft allowing the whole body to move smoothly in harmony with the little sounds. If the body is relaxed and you remain present, subtle energies will be released creating a Latihan, that is to say, spontaneous uncontrolled movements, without a structure. Allow these tides and currents to possess you, to sway you, experience yourself as a channel of life, energy and surrender to the joy of such abundance!

4th PHASE: 15 minutes. Lie down and feel the silence of your heart

This meditation will realign you with the mystery and eternal magnificence of life as well as with your purpose. If you feel stuck, bored, or too worried or serious and hard, you will see how it brings you back into harmony in a very delicate and subtle yet powerful way.

This meditation is by Osho and the explanation contains elements which are mine and I share them from my own experience.

You will see what I mean!

A big hug full of life!