RED TARA: Feminine Sexual Empowerment

“Each step you take toward your passionate desire drops a layer of repression. Continue to pursue your desire, refining it, gaining more and more clarity, and soon you will find the essential beauty that you are.”


The woman’s body is designed to love in pure blissful pleasure. It is time for women to regain our sexual power. By placing our attention on our bodies and allowing us to truly feel, we can open ourselves to our immense capacity for pleasure and joy. When your body, your heart and your soul dance in total harmony you will discover a deep relaxation in your interior … this is the Tantric space.

Let us become naked together. It is time to liberate ourselves and celebrate the spontaneous sensuality, the tenderness, the ferocity and the beauty that we are. It’s time to claim back your power; learning to surrender to the cosmic orgasm, to laugh in deep ecstasy; to cry out of love and gratitude for the beauty that you naturally embody.

When we are in our true feminine power, open to the flow of our sensual and sexual energy, life becomes orgasmic. We become orgasmic!

Join us on this journey of self-discovery to incarnate the radiant, sensual and magnetic woman within you!


In this course you will learn to:

  • Awaken your sexual energy.
  • Drop physical and mental blocks that prevent you from enjoying fully.
  • Discover how energy circulates in your body.
  • Become more sensitive and allow your emotional being.
  • Love and enjoy your body.
  • Radiate and celebrate your natural beauty without the limitations of social stereotypes.
  • Become aware of your inner Power: spontaneous, wild, sensual, loving and mystical.


Benefits of this process:

  • Awaken your sensitivity and sensuality
  • Discover the power and nourishment of your emotions.
  • Heal any blockages to full sexual expression.
  • Rediscover your immense capacity for pleasure
  • Experience the Power of the Sacred Circle of women.


The Practices include:

  • Tantric meditations and rituals,
  • Breath and emotional release.
  • Massage
  • Powerful therapeutic exercises
  • Dance and playful interaction
  • Group Sharing
  • Methods for Conscious Attention and silence


What to bring:

  • Comfortable clothes, preferably dresses and/or cotton skirts easy to move with.
  • Notebook and pen.
  • Sarong or a sheet to cover your body.
  • Massage sheet or towel and oil.
  • A blindfold.
  • Something to paint your body: lipstick or eye pencil.
  • A long Red dress or long Red skirt.
  • A mirror large enough to see your face.


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