Monthly Meditation – September 2011 – Perceive the now with pristine clarity

Cleansing the senses to perceive the now with pristine clarity.

This meditation will make you become more organic, more fluffy, more connected to life with your whole body.

Sit down for a few moments and feel your breath as it happens now.

Little by little imagine that when the inhalation takes place, you are receiving the air through every pore of your skin and every cell of every organ, tissue, bone, the blood in your body expands with the oxygen that reaches it.

You can play at paying attention to the skin on your fingertips or the whole palm of your hand or your face or any other area of the body that you may want to wake up.

Inhaling and exhaling through the skin, awakening and relaxing the nerve endings of the largest sensory organ in the body: the skin.

After a few minutes you will feel your mind relaxing and you will become lighter, less dense, more organic and permeable all over.

Then you can start to pay attention to your eyes and imagine breathing in and out through your eyes until you feel them relaxed, expanded…. this can be done first with your eyes closed, inhaling that darkness full of little light flares that you see when you have your eyes closed, becoming that emptiness.

Then with your eyes open, allowing them to rest on different objects in a relaxed way, feeling how in the inhalation your attention goes to the object and in the exhalation it returns to you, until there is no thought between the object and you who perceive it.

Then you can begin to bring the attention to the ears by imagining that you are inhaling and exhaling through them, on the inhalation receiving the silence behind all the sounds and on the exhalation going through all the sounds until you perceive the silence again.

Then with the sense of smell, inhaling and exhaling through the nose consciously taking the essence of the smells around you; or you may want to prepare some special essence for this occasion, mint, vanilla, thyme or some other aroma or perfume that gives you pleasure. As you inhale, allow the aroma to penetrate each cell, feel how the body absorbs it, how it responds to that smell.

Finally relax your jaw completely if you have not already done so, feel the softness and fluffiness of your tongue resting in your mouth, allow the air from the inhalation to enter gently through your mouth and down your throat to your heart, to your belly; taste your own mouth, the taste of your saliva, the sensation of your palate as you gently inhale and exhale.

You can also do it with a piece of chocolate or something whose taste allows you to feel all your taste buds expanding to receive that flavor.

Finally perceive your inhalation and exhalation coming in through all your senses at the same time and enjoy this awareness in a relaxed way.

It is wonderful to include this meditation in your daily life, as you will become more and more aware of your senses in every moment of every experience, looking into someone’s eyes, in skin-to-skin contact, in a hug, cooking, looking at yourself in the mirror in the morning, etc.