Monthly Meditation – October 2011 – THAT WHICH NEVER DIES

I don’t know about you, but I have met death in many ways this autumn.

Physical death of people close to me, but also letting go of some hopes and expectations; my three months’ work on the computer being erased and other things that my person was leaning on disappeared or took on different forms.

With each of these events, after feeling the emotion that accompanied it and letting myself fall into the trust that everything is perfect as it is and continues to change eternally, a deep peace came over me and the silence was sweet and eternal.

That is why I want to share this meditation with you:


Shake your whole body for 10 minutes, release your joints, jaw, pelvis, limbs, neck, head, everything, let go and shake, as if you were a dog coming out of the sea and shaking off the water.

Shake your thoughts, the things you hold on to, shake your emotions, shake your worries, shake your beliefs, shake your hopes and desires, shake what you think you are, shake everything, let go of your tongue and allow any sound to come out of your body.

When the whole of you have become the shake itself and the movement slows down, sit quietly, comfortably and feel that behind all that you have shaken, you are still. Feel That in you that never dies. That which is not altered by what comes and goes, That which will always be and always has been.

Feel how That breathes in you, how That animates your body.

Perhaps you will realize that you are That!!

Then get up and get on with life. Little by little you will see how is That which lives your life, speaks to you through your heart, it is playing, and though nothing is permanent, it is always there.

A fluffy and eternal hug