When making love or in any interaction of everyday life keep the focus on your belly and flow from there without forcing or retaining.

The second chakra is located in the belly and governs the abdominal segment including the intestines and also the womb, kidneys and lumbar area (lower back).

The second chakra is completely linked to the first, in terms of its functions for meeting those human needs that are essential for living in this body. The functions of these two chakras in humans twin us with animals and nature. They follow survival laws. We can point out that the role of the first chakra is to lay the foundations for each individual´s body to survive. In other words, it takes care of food, shelter and reproductive sex and only when these needs have been satisfied do we begin to enjoy intimate interactions as such, be it family, social or tribal interactions and find pleasure in meeting others; touch, taste, mixed emotions, recreational sex, elaborated meals, family gatherings, encounters with lovers and friends, etc…

The belly is the source from which very deep emotions and feelings of instinctive and pre-verbal nature arise.

These are feelings that emerge because of the primordial bond with the mother, because of the proximity of the umbilical cord to this center when we were floating in the womb, inside the placenta, and because everything necessary for survival and well-being happened there.

All of our needs, our dependence on others, our intimate and social relationships are conducted from this center, including our sense of belonging to the family, to the tribe, and to our social and collective identity.

It is also closely linked to receiving sexual energy and transforming it into sensuality, into the joy of body movement and sensations.

It is responsible for the pleasure we feel when melting and separating from another person, in life and in the intimate loving sexual act.

That is why the central theme of this chakra has to do with the emotions generated by contact, withdrawal, touch, listening to the body and its desires and needs, flowing with life and its rhythms…

When you relate by listening to your belly and flowing with its truth you begin to be spontaneous, vulnerable and strong at the same time.

In the belly, the time is now and when you hear its perceptions you are in touch with your true needs and can take responsibility for them.

Start by stopping from time to time in the midst of daily activities or interactions by opening up a space to feel, for inner listening. Feel if it is tense or relaxed, if it is in harmony with what is happening or you are forcing it without respecting the naturalness of your body, feel if there is any feeling or emotion that may need to find an expression.

Bring your attention to your belly when you go to bed at night before going to sleep and in the morning as soon as you wake up. This will keep you rooted in the present and in appreciation of what is.

Experience what it is like to live from there, from the abode of our being, flowing with life and at the same time rooted as pure consciousness.

With love,