MONTHLY MEDITATION – MAY 2019: The middle way

Tantra is transcendence. It does not claim indulgence or repression. It is a walk on a tightrope; it requires a relaxed and perfect balance. It is not as easy as it seems, it needs a very delicate conscience. It’s a great harmony.

The easiest for the mind is indulgence, or its opposite, renunciation!

The ends are the easiest for the mind. Staying in the center, exactly in the center, is the most difficult for the mind, because it means suicide for her. In the center, the mind dies and the infinite space of non-mind emerges. That is why Buddha has called his way, Majjhim Nikaya-the way of the middle.


– Osho, the Tantric Vision



What does it mean to be exactly in the middle? Walking on the edge of the knife?

Being indulgent in the world does not require consciousness. To repress the desires of the mundane, does not require consciousness either. Saints or sinners are not very different, they are of the same type of mind. Each one is at one extreme but the mind is the same, one mind is hungry for money, for sex, for pleasures and the other for the kingdom of heaven, but the two minds pursue an objective, they are minds moved by fear and avarice. One is attached to the world and the other escapes the world.

He who loses himself in indulgence will not understand because he is simply repeating a habit and will not see the root that causes it.

He who represses will not understand either because he will not see the root of the cause either.

Tantra is not a proposal to get lost in opposites.


Centering meditation:

I invite you to maintain a state of consciousness in yourself every day that allows you to feel when you recreate a habit or repress your energy.

For example, if you find yourself constantly thinking the same thought of judgment about yourself or others, or if you often smoke a lot or drink a lot, or work a lot, or get depressed with the same things over and over again, or be very often thinking and going out of this present moment, or whatever you observe as a constant in which you recreate yourself again and again and tend to look for the extremes of effort, of excitement, of states of intensity, of getting fed up, to drink, to have sex, to be entertained, worried etc … in the moments that you realize it, stop for a moment and be simple, return to the present moment, to something daily miraculously like your heart beat, that you feel embodied and present, that you let go and relax in this moment. Recognize the habit and relax in the present.

Collect your energy in your heart, in your belly, return to your midline, to feel your center. Perceive emptiness without having to be filled with intensity, effort, of constant excitement. It falls into the exquisite simplicity of returning to the simple relaxation of this present. Turn off the movie and look at the horizon, your hands, your feet, the sky of your consciousness.

Like when you see yourself repressing something that happens naturally like an instant of anger, or a natural longing for fusion, or the pleasure of tasting, or the desire to move the body freely, or the desire that moves towards a woman or a man , or the enjoyment of a moment of joy, or a moment of fear and vulnerability, etc … realize, stop for a moment and feel the movement of energy, go to its root, give it space of consciousness.

Without pushing, or repressing, without clinging or avoiding, live in presence with what comes and goes. Give yourself space to follow the energy within you to its root, to understand what it wants to express.

Walking relaxed by the edge of the knife of this present observing from there the fluctuations of the mind that tends to take you to extremes.

Be the consciousness that welcomes opposites without becoming them, the mother who loves her children without discerning whether they are good or bad, the man who fights between life and death, between excitement and boredom, between sobriety and drunkenness, between indulgence and chastity, between judgments and comparisons.

A hug full of tenderness and space.