Monthly Meditation – May 2011 – Harmonization of the hemispheres

During the next 21 days take about 20 minutes before going to sleep or during a short while you may have to remain silent with yourself. Sit comfortably with your spine relaxed and erect, allowing enough room for the diaphragm to expand with each inspiration and relax towards the spine with the exhalation. Listen for a few minutes to the gentle sway of your breath. Give the nervous system time to return to the point of silence, as you become the observer of those thoughts passing by like clouds, of any emotion that has not had enough time and presence to free itself, of any sensation in the body. Say yes to all your inner landscapes, embrace them with presence and sweetness, nothing to do, not a goal to pursue……. you know!

Once you are rooted in this moment and in your body, begin very gently to direct your gaze towards the center of your brain. When your inner gaze becomes still in the center of your brain, then from there, expand your consciousness and include the two hemispheres; give yourself some time to feel both at the same time. Take the breath to both of them, fill them with oxygen and presence, thank them and draw a smile for both of them.

Slowly include your ability to imagine or visualize and imagine a bridge that connects the two sides of your brain. Move your inner gaze from one side of the bridge to the other several times, feeling the eye movement, aware of the ocular muscles that take part in the movement. Make that movement until you feel it flows and the eyes do not take little jumps.

Make sure that during this eye exercise your breath is still flowing (do not hold it). It could be that during this walk between the hemispheres you see colors, have sensations or emotions, or that it is simply relaxing or liberating.

Be that as it may, observe and continue allowing the body to breathe as needed. You can breathe through the mouth or through the nose, whichever way connects you more to the body.

Now stop! Relax your two eyes in the center and perceive how the energy of the two hemispheres is found there, in the center, a meeting place for your masculine and feminine parts.

Give them space to communicate in the center. You don’t need to do anything, you’ve opened the portal, so just allow the rest to happen in its own way.

Be aware of your breath and let yourself fall into a space of deep relaxation, go to sleep or just rest.

This simple meditation will activate new ways of internal connection and harmonize the feminine and masculine within you.