As this summer you will have time to practice, I am sending you a transcription of an Osho speech on the practice of Tantric sexuality. 

Given that in the ashram of Osho meditation was the essence of all learning and today the tantric path has become fashionable and many of you are attracted to it without having deepened your meditation practice, I will add some details to help you with the practice. So, the transcription is not literal, it has been adapted by me.


To make love from the tantric approach you have to take into account three things:

1- First of all: Meditate before lovemaking. Never make love without having meditated before, otherwise this intimate act will remain purely sexual and you will not know the dimensions of the energy ascending and filling your whole body until it vibrates as pure energy in an expanded field of consciousness.

Before meeting your man or woman you should expand your state of consciousness and silence your mind because then the meeting will take place on a higher plane.

For at least 40 minutes sit down and bring presence to your body in dim light.

Sit in silence and inhabit your body. Let yourself feel the breath expanding through it, feeling the pelvis filling and then the space of the heart, of the chest. Perceive the breathing wave moving between the sex and the heart initiating the movement of fusion and natural withdrawal when making love.

If you are a man inhale filling the heart and plexus and exhale surrendering the pelvis and genitals and with it your present and creative power.

If you are a woman inhale receiving life in your vagina and filling the uterus up to the heart and exhale giving the breasts and with them your love.

Allow the spine to swing freely between the two poles.

More than a doing is an observing of the breath naturally making its way through the body.

Discover how the body rocks breathing in and out as the diaphragm expands and relaxes with each inhalation and exhalation.

Focus on the sheer sensation of the body at this time. Feel your hands and the sensation in them, the soles of your feet, and the sensation in them, your back and the pure sensation in it, without interpretations, simply feeling. Run through your whole body in this way.  Finally include the heart and belly which are more vulnerable to being colored by emotion. Enter the pure sensation of this moment. Finally feel the whole body at the same time as one unity.

In that process of awareness in stillness you are preparing for the body to move more smoothly when the time comes for the encounter in which the movement towards fusion between the bodies will happen.

Then when you meet to love in the body, the movement will arise from the deepest layers rather than just a touch of the peripheries. Then the movement is a vibrant urgency, so vibrant that the whole body, every fibre is ready for the essential movement. Only then can we experience what we call the tantric orgasm.

If it inspires you, you can play soft music that gives a subtle rhythm to the body.

Breathe slowly because when you make love and the level of energy and excitement rises, the breath tends to go faster, so be present and slow it down but don’t force it, just giving space.

So start by meditating both of you and when you are in a state of presence, in the body with the mind calm and the senses open to the present moment then it is time to love. Then you will be relaxed and the energy will be fluid, not tense.

If you are not relaxed and expanded in presence, in meditation, do not make love.

If meditation does not happen then, just leave it, it will happen another day. Give yourselves time, no demands, no expectations.

We usually do the opposite, we go from worldly noise, from occupations, from our conflicts and fights and we want to jump into making love. Then the act may be a discharge but it will rarely be nourishing or satisfying, it will actually be frustrating and leave you empty.

2- The second thing you have to take into account before making love is:

Worship your wife, your man; enter into devotion with her, with him.

So after meditating, sit naked facing each other and offer mutual devotion, look into each other’s eyes with the love and joy of the encounter.

Tantra never happens between man and woman, it happens between the god and goddess who live in us, the being exempt from past and future, the magnificence of the Self in each of us.

It is a very significant sensed gesture, all your attitude has to be one of gratitude, of devotion so that the personality can give space to the eternal consciousness that lives in you. Honour each other, give each other presents, put flowers at your feet, express your affection and appreciation.

Tantra is not a religion, it is a path that remembers the spirit that lives in us in every act, it does not have a god or a goddess, it considers every human being as an incarnation of the god or goddess.

So the man becomes Shiva, the incarnated consciousness and the woman becomes Shakti, the life energy incarnated. So at that moment your character is irrelevant, so is your past and your future, also your form, your condition and your name. It is about the encounter of consciousness with energy, presence and love. Do not pretend, do not do anything that does not arise from the truth of the moment, if this attitude of gratitude, devotion is not felt by you, do not make love. Don’t turn it into an empty ritual, devotion has to be true, or else magic doesn’t happen and you are falsifying the sublime, many do that in the name of tantra, they stay in the form, which is the only amoral thing that sullies the intimate act.

Tantra is not ritual although there is much ritual and creativity to honor the moment and the happenings around it, to give it the presence it deserves. The ritual helps to focus the energy in the present.

You, man, can enact the ritual and entice her but that is not beneficial, you have to really feel present with her, to bow and touch her feet has to be a true and sensed gesture. Really look at her, she is no longer your wife or girlfriend, she is Shakti herself, the life energy. Give space to her divinity, for her to embody the divine and then make love to her.

If you are a woman, feel also your love and devotion for him deeply and only make love when there is love in you…give space to his consciousness and his divinity.

Give yourselves space to feel the longing for fusion.

Then the quality of your encounter changes radically.

This is the attitude of tantra towards the sexual act, no other.

3- Then the third step is to surrender the body to this fusion. Allow this act of making love to be more a happening than a doing. The expression to make love is wrong, love is not made. How can you make love? It is not a doing, it is a state. You can open up to it, allow it to penetrate you, move with it, you can’t make it and manipulate it. The western mind wants to manipulate and control everything but love is a state of the Self. Allow the love, the longing for fusion to overcome you. Move consciously in that happening, with parsimony; do not be in a hurry. Allow your bodies to meet, caress, feel, play with each other. The body is like a musical instrument; so allow its vibration to grow. If you move with presence and slowness, suddenly your energies will grow and meet in unison, as if you were possessed, it will happen suddenly and simultaneously, then tantra is possible. Let yourself be moved by love, surrender to the body´s longing for fusion.

Simply feel the energy descending into you and adjusting its movement through you. Sometimes it will be tender, sometimes fiery. If it is expressed with sound, with groaning, allow it, experience the expression of love through your body in its sounds, its vibrations, its movements, sometimes it will express feelings, sensations, gestures, mudras, whatever happens naturally allow it, don’t force anything, don’t repress it, follow it. Sometimes it will seem crazy, allow it, do not be afraid because it is through your permission that IT happens.

When the gods make love, it can be sublime, it can be wild. Move moment by moment with whatever comes naturally, there are no taboos or inhibitions and no expectations. Whatever happens as the truth of this moment is precious, it is sacred. Really, without conditions. Do not allow the mind to manipulate or direct it because in that moment it will be destroyed. There is nothing reprehensible in what happens naturally in the moment.

No one can foresee or control what is going to happen, just surrender to the divine vortex. It will take you wherever it wants. Just be available, willing to move with it, to disappear in it, do not direct it, let yourself be a channel, a vehicle for energy. Allow your energies to meet in their own way. Disappear in her, in him, pure energy happening in a field of consciousness.

You will no longer be loving only through the genitals; you will be loving through the whole body.

Your whole body as a man will be the phallus, there is no personality. That is the meaning of Shivalingam, when Shiva makes love he becomes the phallus, without face, without personality, pure consciousness full of vibrant energy. It is very beautiful. All the energy has expanded through his being, he is no longer a man, he is pure energy. You as a woman too, pure energy vibrating, a vulva receptive to life vibrating with it, creating in it, is an exuberant and transcendental event.

If you enter into meditation before and surrender in love and devotion everything will happen of its own accord, do not fear. You will enter into orgasmic dimensions that you have never experienced before. Sometimes it will happen that the whole body pulsates and vibrates orgasmically, and then you will begin to understand that orgasm is independent from ejaculation.

There are two types of orgasm, the peak orgasm and the valley orgasm. In the peak orgasm, ejaculation will take place, and also in the woman there will be an ejaculation of the subtle energies.

In the orgasm of the valley there will be no ejaculation, it is a silent current that runs throughout the body, which expands throughout your being, it is subtle and powerful at the same time. The peak orgasm is ecstatic; the valley orgasm is silent and revitalizing. They are different aspects of the energy happening, the two are contemplated by Tantra.

And when the energy relaxes, do not retreat abruptly, stay inside her and rest, feel, continue in communion, rest deeply, celebrate the moment, feel the force of existence that has moved in you, for it is a prayer, a song to life.

Give thanks to God, do not judge what has happened, whatever may be, it is all right, do not enter into what should or should not have happened. “It” knows; who are you to judge? Surrender to the force that has passed through you, to the divine that has moved in you and between you two and remain there in deep gratitude.