Monthly Meditation – June 2011 – Pay attention to the base of your spine

Pay attention to the base of your spine at all times in your daily life, relax the sacrum, anus and pelvic floor.

Keep your joints loose, your toes, ankles, knees and hips fluffy, soft…

When you go somewhere, when you talk to someone, when you queue up in the bank, when you make love, when you sit down to meditate, when you dance… bring awareness and breathe into your base, feel the connection with the earth, its support.

You will realize that gradually you begin to feel more confident, more rooted, that you are less in a hurry, you flow, your breath expands, your thoughts slow down; that the present takes the place of the future, that you have more solidity and dignity. Also you will feel an increase in your vitality and you will feel more sensual and respectful with your times.

Whenever you remember, relax the base, expand the pelvic floor and observe what happens inside of you.

It’s the best way not to get caught up in scarcity feelings and feel the abundance that naturally flows in you.