Monthly Meditation – July 2011 – TO HIM , TO HER

TO HIM: Now, right now, pay attention to the solar plexus, the high point  in the triangle formed by the ribs in the pit of your stomach. On the next exhalation, completely relax the diaphragm, make it feel spongy, fluffy, surrendered. Feel how your physical heart rests on it on the exhalation. Imagine a sun radiating warmly from the center of your plexus in all directions, relax the spine in this point and allow it to rise. In this way, you conquer the present moment, without oscillating towards the past or the future. The sword of your presence is rooted, vertical, in a state of dynamic stillness. Give yourself permission to feel the dignity of Being. There are no conditions, debts, guilt, shame; everything has brought you to witness this moment and you are the king of this instant of your life. Allow your sight to open and see, your ears to open and hear, and this moment of presence to give you clarity.

Practice this every time you remember. It will keep you in contact with the fire of your presence, with the truth within you and it will enable you to act if necessary, from the truth rather than from the chatter of the mind.

TO HER: Now, in this moment, become aware of your breasts, of their roundness, their softness, of how they grow outwards, of how they emanate energy. Rest on them with your attention, feel the physical heart beating, on the next exhalation allow it to relax and rest on the diaphragm. Imagine that a soft aroma of love blossoms from your chest. You can visualize it with a color, listen to it as a sound or melody that expands delicately around you and even towards the outside, touching everything that is within its reach. Relax your jaw a lot and soften your tongue and lips. In this way you come in contact with your feminine essence, with the force of love that sprouts from the center of your chest. Allow your eyes to receive that energy to see things with love, your ears and your touch as well.

Practice every time you remember, start with placid moments in which you are relaxed, later on you can practice at any time to love what Is. The heart energy will feel the permission to flow and expand everywhere and as this is its nature, it will become easier and easier; it will sweep away your contained emotions to release them and then expand, giving away its delicate but irresistible perfume.