MONTHLY MEDITATION – February 2019 – ‘Osho’ Meditation for couples

I share a simple Osho meditation for couples.

This meditation was given to a couple who lived in the commune to tune in before making love.

I have developed it a little so that it is easy for you to understand and practice it, but the fundamental instructions are the original ones of my beloved master.

Begin to practice this meditation together every night when you retire to your rooms or in a quiet place where nothing bothers you and you can create a practice space:


1st phase:


Sit in front of each other with a dim light and take each other by the hands crossing them, so your right hand takes the right hand of your partner and the left hand takes the left hand.

Get relaxed, allowing the energy in the heart and belly to relax and run gently down your arms to your hands. Release any tension so that the energy can flow between you two. The complete relaxation and sensitivity in the perceptions of energy happens with practice.

First close your eyes and feel your own energy consciously inviting your body to release all the unnecessary stresses accumulated in the body.

After opening the eyes, keeping the gaze relaxed and soft, connect with the gaze of your partner. Notice any tension that is installed around the jaw, neck, eyes, etc … and allow the internal sensation to become spongy … in that release of tensions maintaining the presence in the gaze and in your whole body, if the body begins to rock gently or to trace circles from the waist, or to follow the waves of the breath, keep loose and allow the movement to unfold.

Find that frequency of internal silence where there is no will to do or move but there is a complete availability for everything to happen, so that if there is movement it will find room to unfold.

Do not let go of your hands no matter what happens, this is very important, it is your point of union! Remember that!


2nd phase:

After ten minutes, close your eyes and give yourself permission to continue rocking for ten more minutes.

Experiment with allowing the energy flowing in you, to possess you, let yourself be possessed by the energy!

Possibly the subtle movements of waves or rocking begin in you and unfold towards your partner and soon a movement will take place that does not come from an interior space where nobody directs and nobody is directed, but rather is the energy of the two that merges into one and generates that subtle dance. The Chi of one merges with the Chi of the other and they become One! Allow yourself to be owned!!!


3rd Phase:


For another ten minutes, continue with that connection of hands and movement but stand up and with your eyes open and continue rocking with the movement of energy that wants to express  itself through each of you. This will cause your energies to mix deeply and flow with each other, converge as two rivers that meet at the mouth.

Sometimes we are so blocked and rigid and tense from day-to-day worries that it is not easy for us to merge in the encounter, which is fundamental to love each other. This leads to a kind of dance, sometimes soft, sometimes more fiery, sometimes one with relaxed energy and the other more wild and melting and finding ways to harmonize and merge. Follow at all times with your hands held firmly but without tensing them, letting the flow pass between them.


4th phase:

After ten minutes stop and sit in a hug Yab Yum (The woman sitting with legs linked behind the man’s lap) and let go, feel, let the breath calm down if it is agitated, dissolve in the perception of your energies embraced and from the surrender without purpose to the way in which Consciousness and Energy, Shiva and Shakti want to love and express themselves through you. Welcome what is.

Osho advises to practice this meditation for ten days each night and if you want and you have time in the morning also before separating yourself to do your chores. Twice a day if you have time is enough.

With practice you will feel how your energies are harmonized and tensions are released in a spontaneous and natural way.

I hope you tell me about your experiences during the practice if you decide to practice it for ten days.

A huge hug with lots of love.