At any time in the day, while you are doing or resting, eating or loving, listen to the body from the inside.

Allow yourself to feel the direct experience of the body. Pay attention to the sensations and feelings aroused in the body during movement or stillness. The body is never completely still. There are always internal micro-movements. When you move your body, inhabit it with awareness, feel the fluidity of the fascia, the muscles and how they stick to the bones, the drive and the energy generated by the movement…

Also the internal motion of organs and biological rhythms such as breathing and the blood flow, the heartbeat, may be included in your consciousness, as well as the movement expressed externally in the space. The physical sensations are as important as the feelings and memories that arise during movement.

Listen to the rhythm of your body; are you in tune with your own pace at this time?

Support your body through presence so as to relax the imposed pace of everyday life and listen to your inner natural reality.

Pay attention to all the senses. Are you feeling the influence of the information that reaches you at this time through your senses and over the body? Or are you stimulating the body with thoughts of future worry or past pain and not allowing it to access this vital moment?

Look at how many times you interrupt continuous movement of the body, such as breathing in order to think, and you remain in tense suspension.

Feel your position very often, is the body balanced, are its supports comfortable, and does anything hurts, could I relax more into this movement, in this posture? Do I relax in this hug, during this conversation or this activity and I feel life moving inside me right now?

Listening to the body connects you to your vital energy which in turn is connected to the eternal continuum of life, of existence itself.

In this intimacy with the self you align yourself with ALL THAT IS, the vast intelligence that operates in everything.

With love,