MONTHLY MEDITATION – november 2017

Space Meditation

Alone and in intimate communion

We don’t see the space.

We do not listen to it; we neither taste it nor touch it….

We can feel it.

When you walk into a room and someone asks you to describe it, you usually describe the objects that are in it, perhaps its luminosity or size, the colour of the walls or if it has windows, but in reality a room is four walls that give shape to the space, empty space, and it is precisely that space what is the most important thing in the room.

When we look at the sky we are trained to look at the stars, the clouds, the air-planes, the moon, the sun, but we do not notice the space between objects, in the eternal infinite immensity of space.

Considering that in terms of quantum physics we know that we are 99.9999999999% pure space and that the remaining tiny parts are particles that contain minute amounts of matter, we never project our consciousness on what we are mostly: pure infinite space. On the contrary, we are horribly occupied with that 0.00000001% of that something with which we identify and which floats in the immensity of the space.

We have learned to fix our attention on that drop of something that we call I and that fluctuates and we have not learned to recognise the immensity of the space that we are.

Close your eyes for a few minutes and feel the space around you, not the things that surround you, neither the people, the circumstances, just the space within which everything happens… eternal and timeless.

Feel the shape of your body filling with space when you breathe. Feel how the space takes the shape of your body and expands beyond it. Be that space and the consciousness that perceives it… yes, it will be filled with some thought, or sensation, with some perception!!

If you are distracted by an object…you keep being that space that does not desire anything, that is nothing and makes no effort, nor does it intend, desire or reject but it is relaxation, expansion, it is spongy, it IS.

When you have practised this way of becoming aware in solitude, begin to perceive that space in yourself and in others when you relate to one another, feel how that space remains eternally present and intact in any circumstance.

Realise that you and the other are that space within which the relationship happens, whatever it may be. Feel the silent eternal space within and around everything and everyone.

Then take it to your intimate, physical relationships, making love, caressing. Feel your body being space, relaxed, spongy, porous and expanded, breathing…

Allow your body to melt with the other in space. Let it become space. Relax and expand so that the bodies acquire that porous quality that allows them to melt….

The walls dissolve and there is no longer an “I”.

The walls dissolve and there only remains eternally spacious softness, infinite softness.

There is only softness when you and I die and disappear into each other…

Eternal softness pulsating…

Like the universe, the Uni-verse, pulsating… pulsating…

with love,