Whatever you do, put all your heart into it, do it with totality.
There is a complicated relationship between an act and its final outcome. We are always looking for the perfect result in whatever we do without getting lost in the act. Is this possible?


To understand the difference it is important to examine ‘perfection’ and ‘totality’. Although for many people perfection is their ultimate goal, that perfection is nothing more than an illusion, a myth, something that does not exist. We are attracted to the idea of perfection when we do not realize that it is a dangerous and destructive condition. Were it not for this obsession with perfection, our action in general opens the door to a spiritual journey of wonderful self-discovery.


Whatever you do, put all your heart into it, do it with totality.

“The Bhagawad Gita says that Karma is enjoyable when you put all your heart into it, there is no karma or kerta, the two merge and disappear into one. That’s totality. Perfection is a myth, but totality is a reality. Whatever you do, whatever your work may be, whatever your activity, do it with absolute totality with all your heart and you will be walking the same path as Kabir or as Rávida (mystics). No matter what you do, whether you are sewing clothes like Kabir or shoes like Rávidas, or whether you are cooking or designing or a rocket, or making love, or singing, no matter the action, the focus is on the whole, on the absolute presence, which is the only way to transform an act into meditation and the making of a beautiful prayer. ” OSHO


“The founder of the tantric vision, Saraha after meditating for many years under the tutelage of Sri Kirti, his teacher, one day during his meditation had a vision in which he saw a woman in the market square who was to be his true teacher. Saraha told her guru the vision and with his blessings went to seek the truth of his visions.

Saraha found the woman of his vision in the market square. She was a young woman from a low caste, arrow-forging family. She was forging an arrow. This moment was a radical leap for Saraha, he, a Brahmin saint, chose that woman as his guru.
He looked at her closely. The woman was full of life, luminous, vibrant, cutting the arrowhead deeply absorbed in the process. Saraha immediately felt something extraordinary, something he had not seen or learned from the scriptures or from any guru. In the very act of seeing her make the arrow, Saraha’s heart lit up.

She was so totally absorbed that nothing else existed at the time. When the arrow was finished she closed one eye and opened the other as if looking at the target to check the precision of the arrow and at that very moment Saraha understood the true meaning of what he had not been able to understand in his years of writing and meditation: She was so absorbed in the act, there was no duality! She was one with the action! That instant made him understand the true message of Buddha: Be total and you will be free. For the first time he understood the full meaning of meditation, he became enlightened.”

When your whole body and your heart and your psyche are participating in an act and there is full awareness of that moment there is something in your energy that transcends. This transcendence can be experienced during the sexual act in a vibrant and cellular way that leads to the fusion of two people. In that fusion, lovers transcend the boundaries of the Self to become one with the vibrant universe.


“Meditation has been discovered by people who have enjoyed deep orgasmic experiences. Meditation is a by-product of the orgasmic experience. There is no other way to find meditation. Orgasm naturally introduces you to a state of meditation: time stops, thought disappears, the ego is no longer there. You’re pure energy. For the first time you understand that you are not the body and not the mind; you are something that transcends both: a conscious energy. And once you enter the dimension of conscious energy, you begin to have the most beautiful experiences in life, the most luminous, the most poetic, the most creative” OSHO


Alexander Lowen also speaks of sexuality and spirituality as a function of the whole body in the present time that leads to the experience of unity, of fusion between consciousness and energy, an orgasmic and ecstatic experience. When our spirit fully intervenes in any act, such act acquires a spiritual quality due to the transcendence of the “I”.

Also during an orgasmic release when the whole body is involved, the breathing, the heart etc., ecstasy is experienced. The feeling of union between two bodies can be so complete that lovers feel they are one.
Both in the mystical experience and during an orgasm, there is a sense of communion, of unity. In an orgasm, the “I” is immersed in a torrent of energy and sensations which are consciously witnessed. This ecstasy is also experienced through acts that are not sexual but that we perform with passion and totality. It happens that life overflows the body and spirit and one experiences a broadening of consciousness and an overflow of energy beyond the little ”I” that we believe ourselves to be.


“This search led man to meditation. It was a simple understanding of what the orgasmic experience is. What happens then? Time stands still, thought disappears. There is no longer a feeling of “I”. There is a feeling of “being”, pure, existential, without ego incorporated into it. “I”, “me”, “mine”, it’s all behind us. This gives you the key to meditation. If you manage to transcend time, transcend the mind, you will enter the orgasmic space alone, without the need for a woman or a man. To be precise, meditation is a non-sexual orgasm.” OSHO


This is an invitation to live with totality, present in your senses, relaxed and at the same time passionate with life with its small and large manifestations and daily chores and above all loving. Involve your body, dance, jump, sing, feel all the vitality of your body.
Happy May!