Touch and contact: basic human needs

In order to be able to give in to the feeling of touch, to surrender our body and to merge with another human being, it is important to create daily situations that allow us to be available for this surrender.

The ideal situation is to have been a baby who received a lot of physical contact, stimulation through the skin, sensations of being caressed, touched, kissed and having felt our mother’s body close to us breathing and transmitting her feelings since birth.

In our western society there was a trend in the 19th century by which it was deemed that babies should not be constantly carried in our arms because we spoil them too much. This has then favoured a very active mind to the detriment of a natural simplicity and a feeling of being part of nature, of life.

An isolated body is a body that is unhappy, lonely and separated.

This meditation is a meditation that you can do just by yourself or with the other. If you practice it with another person before making love or simply to connect, do first the individual part and then allow the connection.

Sit quietly in a comfortable and cosy place.

Take your hands to different parts of your body and feel your awareness embrace them and settle in each one of them.

Give yourself the time to feel how your breathing reaches that place and bathes it with life and presence.

Feel the presence of your Self filling every part of your body, illuminating it from within, nourishing it with the sweet and spacious essence of the air.

When you have run through the entire body without a logical sequence being necessary, stand up and allow the body to take root like a reed or flower with soft music and let go of it feeling it rock with a soft summer breeze.

It is rocked as it receives the caress of air coming in and out, in inhalation and exhalation. Allow your arms and hands to participate, expanding and caressing the air, feeling its quality when it enters you and when you caress it with your body, your arms and hands.

Become one with the air and allow its lightness and expansion to take over your entire body.

Feel touched by existence, by mystery, by the immeasurable, by life, by creation and allow that contact to settle in your heart.

When you feel this expansion, gently, with your eyes still closed, allow yourself to expand towards your companion with no other purpose than letting yourself feel the sensitivity of touch passing through the air.

Gently stroke each other softly as your dance continues to be connected to your own breathing movement, be in presence feeling the caresses or points of contact that are occurring spontaneously, without purpose, without seeking and fully opened to the contact happening at the same time, letting yourself feel if you yearn or fear it, opening up to that contact more and more. As if you grew antennas all over your body sensitive to feeling the touch and contact.

Open your heart to feel the other’s heart through the sensitivity that is awakened by the contact.

The other becomes life, existence.

Notice how much surrender you are able to feel without knowing or controlling, simply by surrendering.

Let yourself be carried away by the movement, the music, the presence and touch of the other or the air without limitations.

Finally you can end up lying down with your arms open on each side of your body or hugging your partner melting with one another and your breathing.

Enjoy yourself,

a hug full of presence and sensitivity.