Meditation of the month – January 2015


“Observe more and with more awareness your moments of love.

Keep alert. Observe how your breathing changes. Notice how your body vibrates. Hug your woman and your man as an experiment in consciousness and you will be surprised.

One day, just holding each other, for at least one hour, together, in silence and you will be surprised!

For an hour, doing nothing, just hugging, falling into each other, melting with one another, mixing your vital energy, your breathing will slowly become like one. You will breathe as if you were two bodies and only one heart.

You will breathe together and when that happens, (not because of a specific effort but because you are in the present time feeling the love and that makes your breathings adjust) you will experience the most precious moments, moments with a quality that is not from this world, but from a vibration beyond.

In those moments, you begin to see the energy that creates meditation, where words do not quite express that which is inexpressible. “OSHO