MONTHLY MEDITATION – December 2018 – Love and Fullness / Freedom and Emptiness

Hello beloved!

It happens to be that we humans tend to feel a constant longing that when expressed in its female nature seeks Love and Fullness and when expressed in its male nature seeks Freedom and Emptiness.

These two forces that are responsible for creation, opposite and complementary, they measure each other, create friction and energize the existence of all that is.


I invite you during these festive days to watch how these forces happen to manifest inside yourself:

On one hand there is the desire to share love, to attend family reunions, meet friends, express affinity, feel unity, to cook, to create the tender feeling of home, to feel the warmth of bonding, to forgive and embrace, to feel the fullness of love and on the other side; the need for resting and peace, the desire to avoid confronting all the agitation and emotion that gets activated with human interaction, with family and our beloved, the need to follow one’s own rhythm without having to attend commitments and conversations, to feel silence and space, to relax in simplicity from one’s own desires and from everybody else’s, to simply be without expectations and goals.

If you recognize those two longings inside of you, these two forces, I invite you to embrace them both in your heart in your field of consciousness. Don´t negotiate don´t take parts, feel them both and give them space.

Sometimes it will happen that you are alone because that is what you need or want or because that´s how it is and in this solitude you may long for warmth, love, or just the feeling of bonding……or on the contrary you have a big family reunion and you much more prefer to space out on the sofa, watch a movie or meditate….in any case I invite you to be aware of the opposite longing inside: If you are alone, allow yourself to feel the warmth of your heart and its longing to feel the “others” heartbeat and at the same time, feel the intimacy with yourself, the freedom of your solitude, the peace and the love in your heart.

If you are with family or beloved ones, allow yourself to feel the freedom of your aloneness at the same time, the freedom of your consciousness detached and empty as you totally embrace the other.

In this way you will have a glimpse of the unifying experience of fullness and emptiness at the same time, of bonding and freedom, of unlimited consciousness and human love embodied, of detachment and profound commitment, of the female and the male embracing each other and honouring each other’s nature of love and freedom; freedom in love and love in freedom.

With this little meditation for these days, I send you blessings and embrace you from this moment of solitude warm and lovingly.