Pelvic Floor Meditation

Exercises to strengthen the love muscle


We rarely put our undivided attention to the pelvic floor in our daily lives. We move about with haste, focusing on our chores, our appointments, our plans, etc., and we rarely pay attention to feeling rooted, to perceiving how the breath reaches our belly, genitals and pelvic floor.

The way in which we step, move our hips when we walk, take root when we stand up, breathe at the base, etc…. contribute to our vital energy centering, to our feeling safe and supported within the body in this present moment. This in turn, makes us feel more sensual and joyful about life.

Specifically the pubococcygeal muscle, the famous PC muscle is a muscle that we can call the muscle of vitality or love because if we use it in coordination with our breathing, it allows us to send vital energy to the whole body and brain and to feel that area in a pleasant way.

The man’s PC muscles extend through the perineum and connect the anus and scrotum. To locate them you can tighten as if you wanted to hold the flow of urine and release it to allow it to flow.

When you are at home you can massage that space between the anus and the scrotum with a bit of almond oil, relaxing the tissue and muscles first and then contracting and releasing 10 to 20 times. First gently and then strongly, making sure you relax completely before contracting again. Then try contracting them in a faster and faster progression for about 30 seconds.

Once you get used to it, you can do this little PC contraction and relaxation exercise any time of the day you remember, as many times as it is enjoyable, sometimes more slowly and other times you may want to speed up the pace. This will strengthen the pelvic floor and prepare you to channel more energy to the whole body instead of ejaculating. It is a good preparation for experiencing orgasmic releases without ejaculating.

Massage that muscle area often including the testicles and penis. In this way you tone it and relax it, you become familiar with it with awareness, breathing and therefore sending the blood flow to all of it. Remember to breathe deeply in that area. Breathing is a fundamental element for these exercises.

A woman’s PC muscles are located on both sides of the vagina´s entrance and extend to the anus. Strengthening and toning these muscles while becoming more aware of them and soothing them with a spongy and conscious massage, increases the ability to feel pleasure as a whole and especially after childbirth.

It is also more pleasant for the man to find the vagina alive and toned and present.

Locate these muscles by tightening as if to stop the flow of urine and then release. Investigate… stronger, softer, slower, faster….. Then try contracting them in a faster and faster progression for about 30 seconds.

After the shower, at certain moments, take some almond oil and massage the vulva, the clitoris, the entrance of the vagina and all the way through the muscles gently, with no intention of masturbating but very sensitive and attentive to your sensations, to how the body responds, and when you feel that the tissues are spongy and relaxed you can begin with the contractions. You can even insert a warm, relaxed finger into the entrance of the vagina and feel the contraction of the muscles, as the muscles hug the finger.

Once you’ve practiced it at home with massages you can then incorporate it into your daily life and tone it up while waiting for the bus, in the queue at the bank, when you go for a walk or when you remember.

Once you have given yourself permission to feel the pelvic floor more and more consciously, the breath flowing into it and you taking root while feeling it, the secret to using this muscle to create and expand the energy and pleasure throughout your body is to coordinate the contractions with the breath: Inhale through your nose at the same time you contract the pelvic floor muscles, hold the breath while contracting as many times as you can and then exhale by relaxing the whole body before you inhale again.

Then you can try it making love: you stop once in a while, relax on each other and breathe by contracting the PC. You will see how the energy level rises as it expands throughout the body.

Remember being before doing, and when doing, over and over again to return to being, relaxing the whole body and simply becoming aware of the sensations in this present moment.

with love,