For this month’s meditation, I would like to share with you this passage from Osho answering a disciple’s question.

What is tantric sex?

Tantra is the natural way to God!

“The goal is to become so rooted in the present, so far from the mind and so close to the essential nature of each moment that one merges with it, with the absolute!

Then, during lovemaking, the woman disappears and becomes a door to this merging and the man disappears and becomes a door to the absolute.

This is the Tantric definition of our sexuality: it is a return to the absolute innocence, to the absolute unity. What is most exciting about sex is not the pursuit of arousal but a waiting attitude, completely relaxed, without mental activity. One is simply open, conscious, and aware of being conscious. Being pure consciousness … “ OSHO

One is happy but a kind of happiness not dependent on any content. In that state there is great beauty, great blessings!

This month I invite you to stop from time to time during your daily activities, during any time filled with relaxation, activity, interaction or loneliness. This is a pause to draw attention to yourself, towards the living being so as to become aware of the present moment and aware that you feel, hear, perceive, smell, taste, touch…

Now withdraw your attention from the outside and direct it completely inwards.

Realize that you’re being aware of consciousness itself, of your conscious being. Full consciousness that contains and embraces all existence phenomena. Disappears in that consciousness, realize that you are in essence pure consciousness.

And in that realization … you’ll tell me if you can use words.

A hug