GREEN TARA: Intuition & Creativity

Inside every woman, there is a hidden a “witch”, or simply a “Wise Woman”.
Once your Energy is fully alive and your sex and your heart open; Creativity and intuition are part of your daily life.

Women naturally have the gift of healing and intuition. By opening to our hearts and our capacity to connect with the beyond, we become a channel for Love, Healing and Creativity; we connect with ancestral grandmothers and so the world can receive the benefit of our unique gifts. Cultivating this power is immensely gratifying and satisfying for a woman.

This workshop invites you to:

  • Discover your natural healing powers and psychic abilities.
  • Validate your gifts and rediscover your creativity.
  • Explore the purpose of your life and the prosperity awareness of the woman who manifests her dreams.

“As we rest in our centre and open our channel of intuition; we joined the Wise Women of the Millennia, we recognize the Divine and begin to live Heaven on Earth ”

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