MADRID – 4th APRIL 2020

These classes are independent of each other and are designed to experience the profound techniques and teachings that Tantra bring us to remind that we are love and that living centered in the heart is our nature and also a great source of joy. Tantra reminds us to inhabit our essence, because when we connect with it we can understand love is not an emotion, it’s just a constant state that remains even in the most painful moments and it allows us to be free, integral and to love in freedom.

Many times we women move away from this essence and get lost in the wounds we have suffered because of our dealings with men, or we demand ourselves to be efficient and productive and live in constant tension, and this, in different ways, makes us not respect our truth. This is why Tantra helps us to understand our innate essence, as well as the relationship between the feminine and masculine energy within us, and also guides us through different exercises and meditations that remind us how to really listen to ourselves, how to respect ourselves and how to open space in ourselves to live more fully and joyfully in all areas of our lives, including our sexuality.

In the classes you will find a loving and respectful space where you can experience yourself, connect with yourself, and release whatever prevents your energy from circulating through your body. You also will be able to ask any questions you have and nurture yourself with the love and the support of the group.




She met Tantra in 2012 and discovered in her deep techniques the path she longed for to expand her heart, hear her truth, respect it and feel freedom. So in 2015 she decided to do a 3 years training to continue deepening, loving and meditating with her teacher Astiko, and immensely grateful to her, now expand this path of love and awareness.






INFO AND REGISTRATIONS: Write to us at tantrawithamala@gmail.com and we will inform you of how to register for the class.





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