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6th and 7th of April 2019 – SEVILLA: TANTRA COURSE FOR ALL – «Feminine energy and masculine energy: the dance of the opposites.»

abril 6 - abril 7

Female energy and male energy: the dance of the opposites.
Already about ten thousand years ago Tantra discovered that no man was just a man and no woman was just a woman.

Man with man’s body and man’s hormones, is designed for certain functions and it identifies with the ego of a man. The woman with a woman’s body is designed for other functions and it identifies with the female ego. But the two carry the functions of their opposite within themselves.

These functions are lived from the unconscious usually projecting them on the man or the woman outside with whom we establish a relationship. In our relationships we project our unconscious male or female aspects into our partner and hope that she will make us a screen for our unrecognized, positive or negative internal attributes.

To relate to a woman a man will always feel safer if he knows the feminine within himself and for a woman it is easier to relate with a man if he knows the masculine within her.

When a man wants to melt with a woman, he has to take off his armour and sweeten itself, become more sensual, leave behind his goals and his conquests to flow with her.

This does not mean that he renounces his nature, but that by calling his own inner women, his feminine ability to express his feelings and affection increases and balances his male strength.

Also a woman to meet a man must have the assertiveness that gives her his own inner male and complements her feminine qualities.
There are tantric practices where man dresses as a woman and performs women’s tasks thus investigating his inner women. And the women dressed as men and performed man tasks to meet their hidden male.

According to the science of Tantra and the secret teachings of the Tao, you can find your inner man and your inner woman within you in the center of the brain, in the connection between the hemispheres. When inside you find the feminine with the masculine, the light with the darkness, the intuition with the reason, the sky with the earth you have come home, Shiva joins Shakti, you know the bliss.
During this course we will explore through the proposals offered by Tantra to our inner man and woman, taking awareness of that internal polarity and consequently harmonizing.
Here begins your true love story.



PLACE: ESANA YOGA – Calle Jerónimo Hernández, 4 – 41003 Sevilla

* You can come with comfortable clothes and if you want, a bottle of water

+ INFO: [email protected] | 645 064 954 (PUSHYA)



abril 6
abril 7
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Calle Jerónimo Hernández, 4
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