The Tantra vision teaches us to open ourselves to the life energy during sex and to allow it to circulate throughout the glandular system. When the entire system is relaxed and at the same time full of energy that circulates freely, we can speak of culmination, of ecstasy…

Tantric Wisdom:

Sexual energy is the root, when the desire moves towards the heart, the flower is born, that is love, and when it expands towards the crown, the aroma, ecstasy and consciousness awakens.

When we talk about making love, having sex, shagging … what happens really? … From the moment that desire arises to the time when it goes off…? From the excitement and hope until the culmination or frustration…? What are we looking for, what do we hope, how do we experience it, that sensations and feelings are involved, how much energy are we able to receive, to hold and allow to run through all our body? How much can we relax, open up and surrender to receive and give in a natural and trusting manner?

Has it occurred to you that the key to having a full sex life, does not depend primarily on size, body aesthetics, technique, whether you do it rightly or wrongly, how sexy or rich and powerful you look like …but on your vitality, fluidity, your easiness, your dedication, your trust, your relaxation, your presence, without expectations or demands, your fluffiness, your smoothness…. your joyful acceptance of whatever the moment brings, of staying in the present …. of including yourself and the other in your heart.

Consider the sexual encounter not only as a physical event, but as an energy event, like life. Life is energy in constant motion within a field of consciousness. You, I, as human beings have a physical form that gives body to this game between energy and consciousness.

When the energy of physical attraction is turned on, very powerful desire energy -so powerful that creates life- attracts irresistibly two human beings so as to fulfil their basic purpose which is to procreate and create the right conditions to nurture and love that which they have created in the most conscious cases.

This irresistible attraction, pleasant and oppressive at the same time due to its demand and its intensity has its own life. It is the force that life requires to start up and to take shape; it is life’s desire to unfold.

In adolescence we received the strongest jet of life in the sexual area. It is such a strong jet of procreative energy that affects our whole being and our identity. To manage and understand this creative energy in a conscious way is the journey of every human being.

Practical observation of this life energy journey through the spine and the nervous and glandular system in general is one of the contributions of Tantra.

Becoming aware of sexuality as a powerful creative energy is still one of the most taboo subjects among humans.

Religions have tried to restrict sexual instinct to a family scenario and with the sole purpose of reproduction, to prevent misuse of this powerful and blinding force.

We know that we respond biologically to the desire of life to create and perpetuate itself. For men it is about releasing the seed needed to generate life and for women, the energy to absorb that seed and gestate. This great desire is usually unconscious and responds to our mammalian nature.

Nowadays, reproduction is not so necessary, because we are very many and we generally do not meet to procreate but to joyfully share our energy, to enjoy ourselves with physical pleasure, to feel loved and touched, to exchange energy, etc…

In this case we can use that same potential of our sexual energy, rather than to beget, to fill us with life and joy, love, creativity and ecstasy of ourselves.

Very few people have discovered all the potential and the energy benefit of intimate exchanges.

We usually meet and our biggest concern is to achieve an orgasm and that the other also reaches orgasm, to satisfy and be satisfied. Besides, due to ignorance, we associate orgasm with ejaculation.

We do not realize that having a goal like that, strips us of all that this very same act needs to be successful: Presence, available fluid energy, relaxation, trust and openness.

If during an intimate, sexual and emotional encounter, your consciousness inhabits your body, making sure that it is relaxed, spongy and permeable to the encounter, there will be more space for the energy to expand through and to melt and circulate with the other.

In this expansion an energy exchange takes place between two beings that reflect their full potential.

What exactly is an orgasm?

The basic formula described by Reich for an orgasmic release to happen is as follows:

The body or body part becomes charged with energy. When the charge is large and it begins to tense up, a release response leading to relaxation gets triggered.

During sex, we become charged with energy and if this energy is not released immediately with a genital offload, either clitoral or by ejaculating but we are present in the feeling and relaxed before the discharge, we then allow it to expand throughout the whole body running through the spine and the glandular system. In the first chakra, the adrenals express themselves as excitement, in the second chakra or sexual centre it is expressed as pleasure and desire, delight in physical contact, in the smells, bodily sensations, body sounds, etc.; in the third chakra, the solar plexus area is expressed as joy, strength and empowerment; in the fourth chakra, the heart and lungs, it is expressed as love and a deep feeling of togetherness and from there, it spreads to the thyroid, opens the throat up with great joy and melts in the pituitary with an ecstatic perception of All that is!

Everything is the same energy, vibrating as a different wave or filtered by a different gland and each one exudes its own aroma when it receives the life energy released during the bioenergetic encounter between two opposite polarities such as man and woman.

So the meeting is not reduced to that fleeting sexual exchange of small loading and unloading which generally favours more the nature of the masculine than the feminine.

Feeling fulfilment in the encounter, that which you expect but rarely happens, depends on how much life energy you are able to feel and hold in the body in a relaxed way; it depends on your presence and your surrender and your willingness to merge.

If you are very tense, focused on the result, closed to intimacy, with your heart armoured or wounded, disconnected from your body and with a lot of mental activity, if you feel things you do not dare to share, if there is no trust, if you judge your body, if you’re emotional, etc…. it will be very difficult for the energy to expand freely throughout your body.

A fundamental element that tantra takes into account is that the life energy of a human being passes through an electromagnetic axis that exists in all of them and men and women carry this electromagnetic charge in opposite ways. That means that the main emissive positive polarity in a woman is the heart and breasts which have to be inhabited to open its receptive polarity which is her vagina and uterus and prepare them to receive. A woman in touch with the love climate is available to receive the man.

The main emissive positive polarity in a man is the penis which has to be inhabited with presence and consciousness to open his receptive polarity which is the heart. It is the individual presence at the time what prepares man to receive woman in the heart. Then, when you give time to an intimate encounter and bring consciousness and relaxation to it, the energy begins to circulate between man and woman creating a circuit that awakens the orgasmic nature of both and generates love, health, creativity and a deep cellular satisfaction very different from the relaxation that occurs after a tense and fast orgasm.

To begin with keep it simple and try it out the next time you have an intimate encounter. Have a relaxed, undemanding attitude, hold your attention inside the body, listen to your energy and stay present. Be honest with your lover, relax with each other. Put the emphasis on being rather than doing and everything else allow it to happen by itself.


Article published in www.uakix.com in its 2015/2016 SPECIAL CONSCIOUS SEXUALITY