This meditation is to become awere and re-establish the flow of energy through the spine and to open a current between the sacrum and the heart by connecting the energy of the lower part of the body with the energy of the upper part.

This free flow of energy through the body, sustained by your field of presence, is a joy of life.

It is a practice that also allows two energies to meet and merge in a joyful and present free dance.


1st phase: Awakening of Shakti through your spine

(15 minutes Use an undulating music with no fixed rhythm that invites to move the spine as if it were a snake.)

With your eyes closed or open, bring your attention to the spine, feel its path between the sacrum and the neck, allow the music to penetrate the soft and spongy area between each vertebra and imagine the waving of a snake waking up.

With the breath and movement, open space in the spine. Allow the body to move itself as it receives the permission of your awareness  and it rocks, waves, circulates, vibrates or does what he has the joy to do, thus releasing tensions or rigidity of the paravertebral musculature and the pelvic bowl and the thoracic cage including the neck vertebrae and the skull.


2nd phase: The dance of Shiva and Shakti by the spine

(30 minutes, music by Ragas, “Healing Ragas”, subtle, …)

Sit back to back, with a cushion that allows you to be comfortable and with your back relaxed and resting on the other, sacrum against sacrum.

Without any pretension, simply relaxing in jsut being, start putting your attention on the sacrum and feel the breath gently entering that area pushing it very gently creating a subtle movement backwards in the inhalation and forward in the exhalation. Do not do it, watch how that happens just by breathing.

When you feel that sweet swing of the sacrum happening, you will feel as the whole spine participates in that subtle movement, from the sacrum to the occipital.

Without doing, just feeling the movement of the breath running down the spine, focus on the specific energy sensations in the sacrum and how that stream of energy that comes from the earth expands through the thighs, genitals, buttocks and towards the kidneys and hips, at the same time that it runs up the spine.

Only offering a mutual support that comes from the sacrum, allow yourselves to feel how your spine seeks to melt gently with the other’s spine, feeling the oscillations of your own respiratory movement and from the other and allowing the spine to rise and relax participating in the respiratory movement and of the relaxed attention. Also, the gentle swinging of the sacrum with the breath generates a gentle rhythmic movement that starts from the base and expands throughout the spine.

When you feel that the energy at the base of your spine is tangible and you feel the soft touch of the sacrum and have expanded its vibration or sensation through the buttocks, legs, pelvic floor, etc … Gradually start to direct your attention to the space between the plexus and the heart, the space between the armpits and specifically below the sternum. The space between the diaphragm and the shoulder blades is on the spine.


Allow yourself to relax and thaw that area to feel the fine energies that are distilled there in your body.

If you are a woman, include your breasts and nipples in your awereness to feel the energies that are released there.

Allow the movements of that area of ​​the body, that the breath fills all that area, allow the arms to participate. If there is tension give it time and movement to be released, go deeper into your breasts, your chest, your heart, your diaphragm, feel its constant movement with the breath and release it, relax it in each exhalation.

You continue relaxed back to back feeling the breath expanding from the sacrum to the heart and between the shoulder blades.

Let yourself be carried away by any subtle spontaneous movement that arises between you, between your spines, any circular movement, as if you wanted to roll up, or not, maybe there is a lot of external stillness and a great feeling of energy inside.

Anyway, give space and permission to any perception, movement, emotion, expression, silence, vibration, dance, etc … As you become aware of it.

And consciously begin to perceive how the two energies mix within you, the energy of the earth that the sacrum stores and releases and the energy of the sky that is stored and released in the heart.

Feel the two energies coming together in your spine and expanding throughout the body as you continue to feel the breath and allow this flow down the spine to generate any dance or joint movement.


The silent joy of Shiva and Shakti

(15 minutes)

Finally, relax your body against the floor, alone or in a spoon, or embrace facing one another and simply relax yourself happily, releasing any tension, releasing willingly, surrendering to simply Being, in fusion with the other, with life.

With love,