Making love is an act of fusion. From the moment we become incarnated and individualized, the yearning for fusion and the yearning for individuation dances hand by hand creating the touch for the creation of the manifest of life. They are energy movements that persecute the unity but in a very different energetic forms. To merge you have to consider the “other”. Your consciousness gets out of you, from the One, to look at the Two and the desire to embrace it arises, to merge with the “other”.
To individualize you need to draw very well the limits, be clear about where you finish and the “other” starts. To do this you need to melt your consciousness deeply with your body, you have to penetrate and feel and know and merge with yourself.

To be intimate and open for the energies of two people to merge, for them to surrender to that state of unity it is necessary to practise that internal availability.
The merging with the other by making love happens within your field of energy and in the body. When the body is relaxed and spongy, it is ready for a deep fusion rather than a friction that generates tension and finds pleasure in releasing itself. For the body to be fluid and open, full of vibrant energy you only need to be connected in presence and love to it. When you are putting all your attention on listening to the mind, the vital energy retires from the body, leaves it in stand by and stripped of all sensuality, softness, fluency and bliss.

I invite you to practice the ability to melt. Not only with the other but also with the life that happens in you and in everything.
For some of us the energetic habit is to stay separate in our own energy field and eventually melt a little bit and separate right away. For others the need is of constant fusion with the other fearing separation. In either case neither the merger nor the separation are completely satisfactory, because they come from an unconscious movement of our energy that was generated in the past by fear and settled as a habit.

Prepare for the fusion with consciousness:

Step 1: Take awareness of your body in the day to day, in the daily activities in every step you make, when you move, talk, etc.. And relax, soften your central channel. Relax the spine and imagine that your throat, your heart, and your cervix if you are a woman, or your prostate if you are a man (and all the space around the anus), become soft and fluffy. Imagine your energy flowing from the center to the periphery as if it was hot water, flowing water that spills all over your body. That you become sensitive and porous. Thus the body opens to the movement of energy emerging from the inside, from the center and expanding to the periphery.

Feel the flow of this current from the throat through the heart and chest to the cervix or prostate including the entire pelvic floor and spilling in all directions towards your body, filling the fingers and toes, face and hair. Feel the feeling that emerges with this relaxed presence and permission of expansion. Watch lovingly how much can you allow it without avoiding it with a thought, how much you can surrender to it, feel it all over your body. Does it give you vertigo? You contract right away? Sometimes feelings of fear and shame flourish that seek to free themselves. Maybe this will lead you to feel that the body wants to rock or move in waves or open stretching, maybe the breath opens… and yawning or some sound comes out. Allow the movement of fingers and toes, any movement that you feel spontaneously emerge. Energy is like a woman, when she is witnessed with love she unfolds and expands looking to express the best of herself.

Give yourself permission to feel separately how you feel when softening the cervix or prostate, the quality of energy flowing in that area of the body…, the area of heart and chest and the quality of energy flowing there…, throat and mouth and how it feels to relax that space.

Afterwards, open the internal channel and feel the energy running through these three segments, feel the flow, the expansion, the relaxation and feeling of permeability, sponginess that allows you to be gladly vulnerable and receptive to the fusion with this moment, with this circumstance, with this your body and with the body of the life that surrounds you.

So first give yourself the permission to be receptive to yourself, to melt with your own energy, with your present body. Again and again when you remember between doing and doing, relax the throat, heart and cervix or prostate and continue to do whatever you are doing, feeling that gentle relaxation, as if you would melt in this present moment and you would receive life in you and you would completely melt with your body and this moment.

When you have practiced relaxing and softening the central channel, between throat, heart, and cervix or prostate, and have experienced making love to life, with the body, present, soft, porous, fluid and expanded and receptive inside then practice with your loved one in the intimacy of the bodies when they are found with desire for fusion.
The feminine is always willing to melt, its nature is the duality, the Two, you and me and our eternal game to merge and separate and melt again.

The male, who usually does not have so much predisposition to the merger because his nature is the One, the undivided consciousness where there is no other but one, does surrender in the sexual game to the fusion. Depending on his consciousness, presence and sensibility he surrenders with totality and disappears in the merger returning to the One.

When I speak of One I speak of the undivided consciousness. Pure presence.
Like this a dance is created between the feminine and the masculine in the manifest through the body, where the souls open in love and intimacy until awakening the vibration in the nervous system, that allows us to experience the expanded feeling of devotion. This vibration connects us beyond our human existence and mammalian with the divine and sacred. The devotion and ecstasy that occur in this intimate fusion of permeable bodies, cuddly hearts, relaxed and vibrant genitals brings us back to unity and bliss of consciously experiencing it.

So before your intimate encounter with the “other” take awareness of the midline of the body and relax, breath connecting the throat with the heart and with the cervix or prostate, yields all muscular tension in the exhalation and open the channel in the inhalation to receive. Imagine that your body becomes spongy, that each pore opens to receive the life, the other, that each muscle softens, that the energy runs like a temperate river of warm waters throughout the body, that you surrender to dissolve.

If you’re a man, your body, body of consciousness opens to receive it all, with its undulations, its surrender, its passion, to your energy and hers, your body opens, expands to give space for energy to flow and fills everything until you overflow, not necessarily by the penis but all over your body, as if all your pores ejaculate, as if the energy that grows in you will find a way out all over your body through every orifice and pore.

If you are a woman and you receive him, your man, inside yourself softening the central channel, vulnerable, sensitive you open your way for his energy to expand from the cervix to your heart, and from there it overflows through your breasts and all over your body with the beauty of love you embody. Feel the connection between your cervix and your nipples and your heart, allow your throat to soften by emitting small sounds and vibrations that contribute to the flow of love for the body.

Use sound, movement, breathing, to soften, decongest, melt and tender. It is a dance that requires no effort or tension, rather sweetness and fluency. Tension and muscle contraction tend to contribute to the excitement but not to the sensitivity and the lovely deep exchange and ecstatic.
Together you ride in the wave of ecstasy, of devotion that more than mutual is existential. Like this you bring the love to the Earth, the body, your life, your families and businesses. Love and consciousness incarnate. God and Goddess playing life in the body.

A hug to everyone, may your practice be blessed.