Monthly Meditation – August 2011 – Keep your attention focused on the heart

Keep your attention focused on the heart. In the center of the chest, around the thymus gland, the energetic heart is found.

Until we awaken this center we cannot speak of having reached human consciousness.

Gurdjeff used to say that until this center is awakened, we have no soul.

The paradise we are longing for and waiting for is the opening of our heart. The heart opens when there is relaxation and trust. But for relaxation and trust to be there, you need to travel to your inner self.

It is necessary that you go through all the faces of your false and acquired personality; you have to discard all the masks, all efforts to hide the truth of what you feel. When you go through all the masks, you find your essence.

For this reason I invite you to find a point in the center of your chest and pose there your attention over the next few weeks.

Start for half an hour in silence breathing consciously as the air caresses that area. On the inhalation it expands, on the exhalation it relaxes and surrenders with tenderness.

On the inhalation you can say: I am! and on the exhalation you can say: Love is all that Is!

Try it first in silence with yourself. Then, little by little, incorporate it into your daily life; when you are with someone you love, with your children, your beloved, during a sunset… at any moment…Then you will be ready to remember it at times that hurt you, make you uncomfortable, you identify with negatively, or are a test for you.

In this way you will learn to travel through any landscape, through anything without abandoning the awareness of what it is, which is love!

Sometimes love is blind or unconscious but we all exist because of love!