First step: Daily observation

“Start by being attentive to the routine actions of each day, and while doing your routine actions, remain relaxed.”

It is not necessary to be tense. If you are cleaning the floor, what need is there to be tense? Or, when you’re preparing food, what’s the need to be tense? There is not a single moment in life that requires your tension. It’s just your lack of attention and your impatience.

I have not found anything, and I have lived in very different ways with all kinds of people. It has always surprised me: Why are they tense? It seems that tension has nothing to do with something that is outside of you, it has to do with something that is inside you. In the external you always find an excuse, only because it seems very stupid to be tense for no reason. Just by rationalizing you look for some reason outside of you to explain why you are tense. But the tension is not outside of you, it is in your wrong way of living.


Second step: Accept yourself

You live in the competition; that will produce tension. You live in a continuous comparison, which will generate tension. You are always thinking either in the past or in the future and wasting the present that is the only reality; that will generate tension.

Find simply your own talent. Nature never conceives a single individual who does not possess a special gift. It is enough to investigate a little … Whatever the qualities and talents you possess, use them to the fullest, and the energy that goes to the tensions will begin to become your grace, your beauty.


Third step: Be an artist of love

Whatever you do, do it with such love, with such care, that the smallest thing in the world becomes a work of art. That will bring you much complacency. And it will create a world without competition, without comparisons; It will give dignity to all people. It will restore your pride, something that religions have destroyed.

“Any act done in a total way becomes your prayer.” OSHO


With love,