MONTHLY MEDITATION – september 2017

“Meditation means living without words, living non-linguistically. Sometimes it happens spontaneously. When you are in love, presence is felt, not language. Whenever two lovers are intimate with one another they become silent. It is not that there is nothing to express. On the contrary, there is an overwhelming amount to be expressed. But words are never there; they cannot be. They come only when love has gone.

If two lovers are never silent, it is an indication that love has died. Now they are filling the gap with words. When love is alive, words are not there because the very existence of love is so overwhelming, so penetrating, that the barrier of language and words is crossed. And ordinarily, it is only crossed in love.

Meditation is the culmination of love: love not for a single person, but for the total existence. To me, meditation is a living relationship with the total existence that surrounds you. If you can be in love with any situation, then you are in meditation.”



Feeling love without words and with total presence

Meditation for lovers, friends or couples

Every now and then, arrange to meet just to sit together without any purpose, without doing, so that your Selves can communicate, relax with each other and merge in presence.

Sit with your spine upright but relaxed, comfortably facing each other.

Close your eyes and navigate right across your temporary perceptions, such as thoughts, sensations and feelings…

Until you feel that your presence falls within your body… and allow yourself to feel what there is, scan it lovingly so that when the body receives your undivided presence, relaxes as much as possible and lets go. Let your breathing rock you consciously…

Soon you will be rooted in the present moment and your heart will relax and your pelvis will fall effortlessly with pleasure.

Then, from that presence in being, let your awareness include the other. Allow yourself to feel their presence in silence, how it affects your body, which feelings become activated, how your breathing flows and your heart beats.

Slowly open your eyes. Keeping your presence within and at the same time including the other, allow your Self to look and expand through the pores of your skin; let your breathing include the other, you inhale them, you exhale yourself. Feel how your Selves expand and meet in communion beyond the shape of your bodies.

And keep in silence, in the silence of the bodies, of nature, of space, of the ocean, of the absence of words, of the control of the mind, of formulated ideas…

It is the absence of all concepts which allows the space for the magic of existence, so that consciousness and love come alive through you two in this moment in time.

Let yourselves fall into that silence without having to do anything to the other just to witness that moment and feel that deep and vulnerable intimacy of your beings reflecting each other. Stay deeply rooted in the body and in the breath.

You may end up closing your eyes for a few minutes, returning to the eternal space of your own Self or getting closer slowly until you merge in a silent hug.

You can also realize the magic of that shared moment spontaneously, when you are cooking or you are in the car. Let yourself feel your Self and that of the other …moving in silence through the person.

Let yourself perceive your eternity and that of the other, that which goes beyond the daily mind. Two eternities playing at everyday life.

Communion in silence, in that place where words do not reach.

With love,