In the mind we usually make a distinction between the ordinary and the sacred, the physical and the spiritual, sex and ecstasy.

This distinction is detrimental to the celebration of life, seeing the spiritual in that which is manifest, feeling the mystery in everyday life and ultimately opening our heart to what is.

What happens is something like when we have a party outfit hanging in the wardrobe for a special occasion that never arrives and so, we die before we can display our best attributes, before having an opportunity to flourish and enable ourselves to feel all the magnificence of which we are capable.

This meditation is an invitation for you to wear your best party clothes, so you recognize the Essence manifesting itself in you, in ALL, at all times.

When a Buddha sits on the toilet, he/she does not stop being a Buddha; when a Buddha gets angry, he/she does not stop being a Buddha; when a Buddha cleans his/her house or goes to work or is involved in any daily act, he/she does not stop being aware of his/her real essence.

When I say Buddha, I do not mean the man itself; I could say Christ or Mooji or Nisargadatha or Gangaji or Osho… A human being who has acknowledged that he/she is the Source and also a drop from that very source in its mammalian- human, unique and unrepeatable manifestation.

I refer to the Essence that permeates everything and everyone and which human consciousness has the fortune and magnificence to be able to recognize.

This is simultaneity: I am everything and nothing and I am also a concrete form that miraculously lives a personal story with all which that entails: emotions, thoughts, feelings, views, attachments, fears, needs, longings, etc…

In the middle of one of those everyday moments… now! If you like…, stop so as to feel… the mystery in the specific, in the form of the body, in the beating of your heart, your breathing…, realize that is happening now… not because you do it or deserve it, or you are special or you are owed it or because you are good or bad, but it is just happening…

Do you realize it?

And in addition to realizing the miracle that your heart is beating… you realize that you’re here!

And by realizing, do you actually realize the miracle of being here realizing?

And you also recognize that you are the awareness that realizes; you are the miracle… you embody the miracle, being… And if you continue, perhaps you realize that you are breathing… and the breathing also occurs even while you are sleeping… and you realize the magic of the concrete, the simple and the ordinary…

Observe the miracle of being able to tie you shoes and knowing which is the right, the left, the shoelace perhaps… and at the same time you recognize the mystery that makes possible something as simple as tying your shoes or perhaps brushing your teeth… or you realize on an autumn day, when the wind moves the leaves and they are shed by the tree and fall… something as ordinary as the leaves, the wind… and get in touch with the mystery of the wind, the leaves… the same mystery that lives within you, and feel it ALL and recognize yourself in it…

And your celebration of everyday life can be infinite in that acknowledgement and your constant astonishment … when looking at the concrete, you recognize the mystery.

And when you eat a courgette and with that courgette, you are eating the essence from which the seed emerged, you eat the seed, the Earth that sheltered it, the sun that shed light on it, the cloud that became full of water to rain on it, the human determination to plant it, the love that was necessary for that determination to manifest, the universe in which everything happens and with the courgette you are eating the entire existence…

And you realize… the body and within it… consciousness lives and in addition to being able to manifest itself in the specific, it can expand and recognize itself in the space and other forms… For example a co-worker, the baker, a dear one, your beloved, your child, etc…In that still moment when you stop and become aware… you see how you can distinguish in daily life its body, its point of view, its way of feeling and interpreting. The details that make it unique differ… and also… simultaneously … you realize that there, in that other body, in that other form, the same mystery happens and their heart beats and the breathing rocks them and the same essence lives in all of them. And you realize that if you expand beyond the body and the other does it too, you will recognize yourselves as the same consciousness, as the essence in its pure state, form-less and view-less… and look at the miracle of that… and simultaneously … you can relate to each other and through that relationship experience love, hate, disagreement, provocation, causes to embrace and challenge, unite and separate… When at the same time, you are the Same, pure consciousness relating to itself, experiencing itself…

And in intimacy with the “other”… consciousness, on expressing love and giving it a form, finds shelter in the body and unfolds through the senses, to smell, to feel the touch of the skin, the flesh, the desire to penetrate and be penetrated to devour and possess, to make them mine and to be theirs, to merge again…

And the simultaneity dance unfolds, we brush one another, we separate, we embrace and we surrender, we challenge ourselves to open more, to be more transparent, more permeable, to travel through the body´s density to access the ecstatic lightness of being where we are back to being one, to being no-one, no-thing, being IT….dissolved in itself, in deep relaxation, silence, infinite peace to try and put into words what IS without being no-thing…

And thus the simultaneity of being two being one… the celebration…that emerges again from the pure longing to love in daily life, the ordinary and specific and at the same time you realize the miracle of being aware of it all.

Moment by moment, open yourself to the mystery in simple daily life, feel the ONE dressed up as two, listen to the sea within the shell, wash the dishes listening to the silence of the mystery, the voice of the water, the rhythm of your heart, wear your best outfit for every occasion!

With love,


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