This month I invite you to relate to yourself as if you were a constant flow of energy rather than a fixed entity with name and surname.

You can sit for a moment in silence and imagine yourself as a column of energy; perhaps you recognize a pattern in its vibration, brightness, hue, density, etc… Feel as if you are exchanging your flowing with the earth that supports you and with the sky towards which you dissolve.

First perceive and feel how much energy flows through you. Is it a strong, lively and powerful flow like that of a mighty river? Is it a quiet and majestic current like that of a wide and serene river? Is it a restless, vivacious and oxygenated stream, or is it a narrow and stagnant trickle? How much energy is running through you? Is it comfortable, uncomfortable? Does it feel lively, tired, happy, constrained, depressed, effervescent, overflowing or contained, dense or light, pleasant or painful, hot or cold?

Now invoke a time in your life when you felt full of vitality, joy, passion, enthusiasm, or excitement. Give yourself time to put yourself in that moment, to perceive the environment, the smells, sounds, feeling perceptions of your body, breath, whether you were doing something…

Gradually allow those feelings to expand throughout the body, let them advance and feel whether they find a limit within the body or if the body embraces them all. If they encounter any thought that limits this expansion or if they can continue to grow…

Keep opening yourself to that vital energy, breathe and allow the body to make any movement it may need so as to contain this vitality, perhaps some feeling or emotion is released. Play some music you love and dance, celebrate your existence, thank with open arms…

A hug,