Every time I sit down and close my eyes to receive the inspiration that leads me to shape the meditation of the month, all that takes place is NOTHING!

It is not a nothing lacking … or missing something, it is a NOTHING which is vibrant and serene at the same time, dark and full of light sparks. Sometimes from that NOTHING an internal movement arises and gets released in an emotion, tears, tenderness, then it vanishes and returns to that vibrant stillness.

I’m that NOTHING … I sense that where I usually feel my two eyes in my body I only feel one.

They have melted into one! And I feel an infinite spaciousness in the skull.

I sense the subtle delineation of my body melting into space.

I disappear … and I am too…

The next time you sit down to meditate or relax in this present moment, try to let go of your eyes, allowing them to expand and soften and drop inside. Breathe gently putting your attention on them and allow them to relax more and more and as they become softer and expand, perhaps you will begin to feel how they merge into each other and sense…


Whenever you may be having some differences or a hard time because of disagreement, crises … Remember the essentials: grant one another enough presence to feel the love behind the emotions, expectations, views, etc.

Take some time to be silent, holding hands, very gently, feeling, breathing, bringing presence to what you sense in your body, your heartbeat, your breathing. Inhabit your body, if there are many thoughts, relax your eyes, loosen your jaw, expand your skull and feel the heart and the stomach, your centre.

At first, if there is perhaps much excitement or hardness, or the mind repeats its reason again and again and the solar plexus gets tense, it may seem absurd to you to sit quietly with your partner.

Do it and keep going inside, do not judge, do not put words to anything, just feel, imagine that there is much room inside you for whatever is moving.

You will see that it is a journey of many landscapes like that of a river to the sea. Eventually you will surrender, not to each other, but both of you to the truth that arises from the presence and shared love and this manifests itself in the most clear and appropriate way for each and both of you.

With love,