The heart pumps blood throughout the whole body.

It distributes nutrients, life and energy to every cell.

You are rarely aware that the dance of life within you moves to the rhythm of the heart.

Becoming aware of this contributes to harmonizing life energy with the heart and spirit vibration!

Find a comfortable, relaxed position and focus your attention on your physical heart.

Become silent and perceive your heartbeat.

At first you may not feel or hear it. Without any effort, as you relax and your attention turns to the inside of your body you will perceive it more clearly.

When you feel the heartbeat clearly, enter into its rhythm for a while, as if you heard the running beat of a song. Remain present in the pace and the sense of internal rhythm for at least 15 minutes being aware of the pumping throughout the whole body!

Now, play!

Travel with your attention to the big toe and feel the beat there. Perceive the energy being expressed and other parts of the body taking part….

Continue travelling inside your body, go to the tissues of the pelvic floor, the genitals, the stomach, the fingers … the veins, breasts, lungs … Feel the call of all your body parts that are joining this symphony, as if each one of them were an instrument that joins in marking the same pace.

Sometimes I remember Ravel’s Bolero when I do this meditation. If you have not heard it, do it and you’ll see what I mean.

Gradually you will perceive the rhythm and joy of this great enterprise that is your body, you will perceive every organ, every cell, every neuron, leukocyte, etc … joining this life project that you are with joy… pulsating … you will feel the unconditional participation of all of it as a big party, in crescendo …

And at the same time you will perceive the eternal silence where you have sunk to become aware of this miracle.

The silence that contains this symphony of life pulsating in you. Great joy!

With love for you,