I share our meditation of these recent days, so hot!

Those who have been to my classes or courses know that this is one of my favourite mantras and I regularly bombard you with it!

I take the heat wave this summer as my ally to teach the relaxation of our frequent and compulsive activity and understand the art of NOT DOING.

In our society we are conditioned to do, to produce, to entertain, to get results, to propel our energy toward some goal where we seek satisfaction or immediate results.

All this is good and necessary to play in the world of matter but has become very addictive and compulsive and unconscious.

It is as if we could not relax with simply being to the point that we no longer realize this BEING and we identify with little fragments of it.

What happens inside you when nothing happens, when you’re just, feeling your centre, the heat that thickens the blood, the body weight expanded and heavy, the energy that stops and does not move, gathers around the belly, the navel, like a river that flowing after a long time finds an open space to rest and its currents slow down becoming quiet?

While in this resting space, take this opportunity to create a centre of presence, instead of allowing your consciousness to become dormant or stagnant.

Take the opportunity to feel the vibrant stillness in your heart, like you are the centre of the blast of events and all moved around that quietness!

Stop in the inner spaces, allow the compulsive activity of the mind to relax and feel the moments of nothingness. As if you did a little fast to give rest to the stomach, give a fast to your nervous system, stop looking, provoking, exciting, pursuing, entertaining, resolving, desiring, worrying … at times of great heat, drop in that inactivity and keep your awareness present, alive in your body and around it.

You can also imagine that you are the sun itself, radiating heat and infinite energy from its still centre in all directions.

This same meditation for lovers!

When your bodies attract each other and your electromagnetism is searching one another but it is so hot that physical closeness is overwhelming or you feel lazy … lie down next to each other, take your partner’s hand gently, find your body centre and shine the energy waking up inside to the other until you become two rivers that meet, or two suns merging.