As summer sets in, warm and full of intense emotions, it is a good time to practice observing these ever-changing waves, like those of the sea that catch us off guard and activate the strings of our nervous system and make us surf without a choice the foul smell or the fragrance that the our body chemistry releases.

Observe any feeling, any emotion, comfortable or uncomfortable without assessing or judging!

Next time you are angry, stop for a moment and take some time to observe the physical symptoms of that anger: the beating of your heart, your breathing, your body temperature, which parts of your body shrink or expand; if you feel that the anger increases the energy level looking for a way out, which thoughts become activated (do not get lost by arguing with your own mind, or in analysing the content of your thoughts, just observe its quality and where they are seeking to lead to), which internal and external movements happen, etc … Relax within the storm…

This is possible with any emotion or feeling!

The key is that when an emotion gets hold of you, do not say: I’m angry, instead, say: there is anger or joy or sadness … and I’m watching it! Observe the huge difference!

Suddenly there is a distance between you and your anger! You’re not your anger; you’re just watching, as a scientist, that anger is happening. Observing its internal movements, how it expands, how it is dispelled, how it gets released!

So a distance between you and the emotion is created. With that distance, just a “click” is left to perceive who observes, that pure unlimited consciousness that is actually you!

Ramana Maharshi used to say that our consciousness is the paper and our moods, thoughts, emotions, are the words of the story written on that piece of paper. Do not identify with the words; remember that you are the paper on which the story of every moment of your life is written. The paper is impartial, does not judge the stories that are written on it, it simply provides the opportunity for the story to be told! It is the witness of the story!

May your summer stories be full of love and blessings and enjoy all the waves in this great existential ocean.

A hug