I share one of my favourite Osho meditations and I hope that the awareness of loving and being loved that it brings, will accompany you at every moment, consciously or unconsciously during this new year.


If you hold your breath, if you block its free flowing, it will lose vitality, quality of life…

With love is similar. It’s like breathing; it is renewed at every moment. Whenever you get stuck in love, you lose vitality, stop breathing, life loses its meaning. That is what is happening to people, the mind is so dominant that it even makes more noise than the heart.

Practice this: Fall in love with existence and let your love be like breathing.

Sit in silence for as long as you want and watch your body breathe. Take some time to land on it, to feel … and begin to sense the inner space and the outer space, the infinite universe within which you are floating and the infinite universe within you.

Notice how the breathing constantly connects the inner to the outer space.

Gradually with every breath, you will begin to discover the magic of love. When you exhale, feel that you are radiating love into existence when you inhale, receive the love that the existence radiates towards you!

Soon you will see that your diaphragm relaxes, that the quality of your breath changes.

So in India we relate to the air as Prana, life, it is not just oxygen, it is the very essence of life, the divine. If we invite it, it will slowly come in with the breathing. Inhale love, exhale love! Relax the diaphragm on the exhalation; let it be an act of release, of surrender.

Make this a meditation, once you have practiced it quietly in a tranquil place, then the awareness of this constant exchange of love with existence through breathing can accompany you, whenever you become aware of it, in any situation your daily life.

Yes, breathe love!

You will rejoice soon for no reason and feel a kind of inner dance.

A hug full of love and gratitude to all of you for your courage to live with the truth and in your heart!