Love and meditation

When you have a moment of love, for your beloved, for your children, your mother, your father, a friend, a sunset, an animal, a landscape… stop, do not do anything with that energy, turn your attention inward and become silent, feel it in the body, perceive the breathing that accompanies that feeling, imagine that feeling spreads throughout your body, your brain…

Your whole consciousness imbued and coloured by that love.

Once you have given it space within you, allow it to extend beyond your physical form, expanding like a halo, like a perfume, like a vibration and release that feeling reaching out. Maybe it expands into infinity and you perceive that it never ends, that everything that is, including yourself is contained within that love.

Gradually you will understand how is it that your loved ones are a door through which love sneaks in so as to be released throughout the whole existence.

Yes! You will understand that there is nothing else but love manifesting itself in millions of ways. How much creativity! How much space!

With love,