From 29th of March to 02nd of April – Pyrenees: TANTRA AND TOUCH: Meditation, intimacy and relaxation in the touch to restore presence and sensuality in the body.


“In the tantric path all the senses play a very important role because they are the doors through which we experience life. Touch is one of the senses that produces more pleasure, warmth, security, trust and relaxed expansion. Communication through touch is an art.” OSHO

Hands can communicate presence, relaxation and sensual affection or fear, stress, shame and absence. Many times our conditioning and fears prevent us from bringing full consciousness to the sense of touch and exploring the body with serenity, limiting our sexual and loving expression to erogenous parts, abusing and numbing them.

This workshop is designed to bring awareness to the touch, to learn to feel and convey through our hands the sensuality, vitality and happiness that a relaxed and loved body can feel. In much the same way that a musician learns a technique and practices it to transmit a musical landscape through an instrument; a painter learns colours and shapes to express his creation, and a cook learns how to combine spices and ingredients to delight the palate, a lover can learn to heighten sensitivity in his or her body and hands, and how the body responds to touch to be able to evoke feelings of relaxation, pleasure and trust.

Tantric massage is an ancient practice that allows you to learn how to use your hands for pleasure and to move energy through the body, entering its mystery, with reverence and tenderness, opening it up to new dimensions.

We will work with tantric meditations, exercises to feel the vibrating body and life energy, to open the heart and cast off the layer of shame and fear. Dances, massage and breathing from the tantric legacy to open the body of bliss.

You will have the opportunity to get in touch with your own body and the way it contacts others through touching in a very loving, fresh, delicate and present manner, allowing your trust to open up gradually at the most appropriate pace for you.


“Touch is one of the most forgotten languages. We have become almost grotesque in the way we touch, because even the word itself has been corrupted by the supposedly religious people; it has been given a purely sexual connotation and this has filled us fear.” OSHO


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