From 28th December to 01st January: Pyrenees – THE TANTRIC EXPERIENCE: The Circle of Light & New Year’s Celebration

The search for union between a man and a woman is only the beginning of a path to experiencing great joy: union with Everything” OSHO

We have created a way of living that prevents us from developing the quality of being loving, and a life without love cannot be happy. Love does not depend on an object, love is a radiation of your soul. The higher the radiation, the greater your soul. Life is an opportunity for love to blossom.

We learn many things from birth, but we seldom realize that learning to love, to open your heart, to expand the power of your body, is the basic requirement for happiness and fulfilment.

During these days you will have the opportunity to delve deeply into the path provided by Tantra for learning to love. First, learning to be loving with yourself, not to be so hard on yourself, but softer; to have an interest in yourself, to respect and forgive yourself a thousand times because you are human. And as that loving quality becomes present in you, you will begin to blossom and in that blossoming, your energy naturally and spontaneously will begin to overflow, to be shared.

But before being able to share, it is necessary to have, and before being able to love, you must be full of love. Otherwise your love is possessive; it is full of needs, fear, anger and false security. Only when you discover your own inner beauty, you start to be ready to interact with honesty, respecting your individuality and that of the other.

This love is an energy expression that manifests in the body and can be developed. This is the basic teaching of Tantra and we will experience with it during these eight days, providing you with the keys to access the love that is within you, to expand it around your whole being, in your daily life, your actions and your relationships.

If we add the ability to love to the ability to stay rooted in the present and not to lose our bearing identifying ourselves with the past and future that crowd our minds, we will begin to perceive an expansive wellbeing, an openness and ecstatic quality inherent to our being. This quality is transformative and contagious.

This workshop is a special event for those who want to deepen their experience of Tantra. We offer it only once a year. You can come alone or with your partner. The only thing you need is a sincere desire to open your heart, your willingness to surrender to the experience, your honesty before yourself and your desire to celebrate.

This experiential process includes active meditations, demonstration classes, breathing techniques, therapeutic sessions, tantric exercises, games, massage, sessions of self-discovery and emotional cleansing, coexistence, contact with nature, surprises … All supported by a natural environment of great beauty and an endearing, intimate and celebratory atmosphere that will provide you with the opportunity to touch the depths of your heart and experience the joyful capacity of your body.

Tantra is the purest love. Tantra is the method for purifying love of all poisons. If you’re in love with the kind of love I’m talking about, the very same love will help the other to integrate. Love itself will become an integrating force for the other. With your love, the other will get closer, because your love will give them freedom, and in the shadow of your love, under the protection of your love, the other will begin to grow. OSHO

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“Love, not as a necessity, as a sharing. Love, but do not expect, give. Love, but remember that your love should not become a prison for the other. Love, but be careful; you’re moving into a sacred land. Stay alert! Leave all your impurities out of the temple. When you love someone, love them like a god, nothing less. Never love a woman as a woman and never love a man like a man, because if you do, your love will be very superficial. Your love will not go beyond your desire. If you love a woman as a woman, your love will not rise. Love a woman as a goddess, so love becomes devotion. ” Osho