From 10th to 11th June – Madrid: TANTRA AND DESIRE, PASSION AND LONGING: I am the flame

The desire for the “other” is a desire that generates energy within us. It propels us towards the outside with all our force when we are children and yearn to fuse with our parents, close people and life in general.

After gratifying and painful experiences during these attempts to merge, we begin to limit that desire and sometimes it is painful to feel it and give it all the necessary space within our body and psyche to energize us and propel us towards life itself.

When we have felt that our desire is not welcome, that it is manipulated or restricted, the mere fact of wishing, longing, or feeling our passion becoming ignited, can frustrate us and put us in contact with our wounds of shame, indignity, abandonment, etc. ..

We are not separate from our sexual and emotional nature for it is an intrinsic part of our existence.

The search for the other is a constant underground source of energy that depending on how aware of it we might be, can lead us from frustration to depression, going through a range of emotional and physical states. It is an issue when we have a stable relationship and it is an issue when we do not.

We all experience limits on the amount of pleasure, joy, happiness and love that we can experience simply by being and being touched or touching with our being the being of the other. By being I mean the whole of our human experience in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

We limit our desire, our expansion, our excitement, our love…

Most of these limits are chosen unconsciously and learned. We are not aware of the limits imposed by our family and social environment and by our experiences of what is appropriate and what is not.

Love and desire do not necessarily have to be tied to an object or reason. They are the intrinsic energy that moves life. When you recognize it within yourself and free it from objects and reasons, it becomes a source of joy, the fundamental joy of life itself.

In this course we will research the nature of desire, joy and love and how it unfolds within you with meditations, breathings, massages and various techniques of the tantric path.


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