For secret intimate encounters, our culture traditionally promotes a type of sex which is rather athletic and masculine, full of action and arousal with a very clear immediate goal: orgasms.

Tantra brings a relaxed dimension to sexuality and intimacy in general, the dimension of meditation rather than action, not goal oriented. During these encounters which are slower, more sensitive and free from pressure to get anywhere, an energy link between lovers is formed, allowing life energy spread through the body, nourishing the glands and providing lasting states of wellbeing, pleasure, mutual love and trust.

The focus is directed more inwards, towards the flow of energy through the body and our internal sensations, instead of looking for arousal through friction or movement.

This workshop will provide you in a very simple way with an understanding of how to practice with your partner a kind of intimacy that will make you feel revitalized, will open you to feel increasingly more trust and teach you that sexual fire and emotion can be transformed into love and ecstasy.

You will also understand the difference between male sexuality, yang and female sexuality, ying and how to play with both.

You will learn exercises to become more sensitive, to create an inner bridge of consciousness with your breathing, bringing presence and relaxation to your encounter and enabling you to maintain your presence within your body to finally merge with the other.

We will practice massage as well as breathing techniques for presence in the body and the spine and for harmonization so that the degree of energy fusion is deeply unifying.

We will also open a space for you to learn to communicate with vulnerability and truth. Sometimes our encounters are so full of unspoken expectations and assumptions that it can be very frustrating and leave us feeling more separate rather than together. Allowing your lover to contemplate the most intimate aspects of your being, without hiding anything , without fear of being judged, open and without any pressure, opens an infinite space for the energy to move from sex to the heart and from there to the joy of loving and being loved.

These encounters are conducted with the utmost respect and care, respecting each personal process. You will work exclusively with your partner in your sacred space and you can maintain your privacy however you feel is appropriate for you.


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