From 08th to 13th August: BARCELONA – TIME FOR LOVE

The proposal of tantra for couples is to offer the opportunity to experience sexual and emotional intimacy consciously, in a way in which the attention is no longer in the making and the goal, instead it travels inward, toward the feeling of the body allowing it to become more and more aware of what it perceives in the present moment and in union with the other.

Rather than having sex, we merge with the sexual nature and flow with it consciously into the heart!

It also provides tools for recognizing the feelings and emotions aroused in intimacy and for communicating them with responsibility, honesty, vulnerability and presence, both in the body and the heart.

A relationship is a profound opportunity to grow in love and consciousness!

Your family environment and other areas of your life benefit from this.

Each couple have their own space to explore the nature of their relationship, review old patterns and rekindle respect, in other words, the ability to relate to the other in the present in ever new ways.

We work with multiple tools to bring awareness, to awaken life energy and its journey through the nervous system and to understand the male/female polarity within an intimate relationship.

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