TANTRA FOR ALL – Mindfullness in love and sexual relationships with Astiko

MADRID – 28th to 30th NOVEMBER 2020


Opening to the feeling of pleasure and being present allows you to recognize that energy happening in your body as an opportunity to expand to meditative states of consciousness, to feel who you are, ecstatic, enjoying being …

We will investigate the nature of feminine pleasure of expansion and the masculine, of contraction.

We will explore the energy that create different pleasures in our body, our psyche and our hearts.

We can discover our ecstatic, pulsating and orgasmic body through breathing and movement.

Delivering to deep pleasure requires trust, it is a relaxation, and for the body and heart to relax and open they need a climate of love and presence.

The pleasure that truly nourishes requires love and presence.

You can review your energy habits that allow you to be permeable to feel pleasure or limit yourself to discover possibilities to relax in love and presence to receive the amount of pleasurable sensations you are able to feel.

To be able to express the truth of what your body feels at the moment is deeply healing and liberating.

You can listen to and respect yourself, communicate your limits and desires and take responsibility for what your body recognizes as pleasure, expanding or contracting.

Practice opening and relaxing to sustain higher amounts of energy that fill and nourish your entire body.

We will use techniques and meditations that you can include in your daily life.

Each one will follow his own rhythm and the needs and limits of each one shall be respected at all times.

For massages, breathing sessions or caresses, each one will get rid of the clothes that he deems appropriate.

“The ecstasy of orgasm is a unique body response to sexual arousal that begins in the heart and ends with the heart so open that embraces the world …”

Alexander Lowen: The experience of pleasure


PLACE: ESPACIO ENCUENTRO – C/ Doctor Cortezo, 17, 28012 Madrid.

+ INFO & BOOKING: info@tantrawithastiko.com – 691813589






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