TANTRA FOR ALL – THE ART OF LIVING Orgasmically with Astiko

MADRID – 23th to 25th MAY 2020


The tantric path is a path that invites to opening up and receiving the experience of life with all your presence.

Life energy, the fire of life, is a basic requirement for the tantric experience and for the happiness of each and every one of us.

A state of presence supported by the fire of life is the attitude shown by Tantra that enables us to open up to the mystery that unfolds before us when we realize what it is to live.

Not living wholeheartedly, living with fear or shame, with a shield protecting us from the unknown,  from what may be painful and what we cannot control, is a very poor choice against the possibility of expanding just being who you are and discovering the true joy of living and sharing.

The ancient masters of the different types of Tantra dedicated their ability to observe and meditate to understanding d and experiencing the mysteries of love and physical and spiritual intimacy. They found that the rise of sexual energy in the nervous system, when not released mechanically and unconsciously, led to awakening and the fusion of individual energy with the universe.

This unity is what we all seek consciously or unconsciously. They developed consciousness techniques and meditations for discovering the spark that lights when the female- male polarity is supported.

During these days we will practice some of these techniques, along with the opening of the respiratory system through the main glands (Chakras).

We will approach ourselves, others and the entire universe intimately.

Although we work with the understanding of sexual or life energy – which is the same thing in Tantra- and many meditations are done with a partner, not sexual practices are performed in these workshops. All exercises are guided with great respect for each individual and for the process they may be going through.


PLACE: ESPACIO ENCUENTRO – C/ Doctor Cortezo, 17, 28012 Madrid.

+ INFO & BOOKING: info@tantrawithastiko.com – 691813589





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