ALMERÍA – 2th to 6th JANUARY 2020

Vighyan Bhairava Tantra
Meditations of The Book of Secrets.


Preparing the vital and creative ground for the stage of a new year by meditating, celebrating and loving.


When Shakti asked Shiva to talk about love, he replied with 112 meditations designed to create space for love and ecstasy to sprout from the depths of the being.
During these days, my proposal is to create that internal space, an absolute requirement for the authentic seed that is waiting to flourish in you and in each of us to flourish in a unique and unrepeatable way.

Gorak Nath, one of the enlightened yogis, parents of Tantra, contributed with his meditation techniques compiled in the book of secrets to which meditation was incorporated into everyday life for all kinds of people and natures. For fiery and active people, for visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory people, for female brains and for the more masculine, for devotees and for pragmatists.

The reason for this is because the contribution of tantra to the expansion of human consciousness is to bring meditation to the world instead of separating it from monastic or hermit life.

So this is the challenge for next year: meditate dancing, meditate making love, meditate queuing at the bank, meditate when you take your child’s hand, meditate at work, meditate when you cook and eat, meditate when you walk and you shower, meditate creating, meditate on silence and noise, on stillness and movement, on joy and sorrow.

The fragrance of meditation, of the home in which your being unfolds, leaves a wake, an aroma, an atmosphere that being infinitely subtle, as subtle as the air you breathe, it transforms everything.

Come to this meeting wanting to find yourself, with a seed in your lap that you want to plant in the land of your love and see it flourish and bear fruit, come with the desire to embrace what Is, in you, in the other and In life itself.

Receive the support to release, to recapitulate, to create space, to return to the present, to recognize the loving gaze of your consciousness towards yourself, to the incarnated human you are and to release your energy to love and create joyfully.

We will practice a variety of Vighyan Bhairav ​​Tantra meditations that will help you feel the source from which Everything comes. Meditations to release and die, meditations to expand our consciousness and give inner space to emotions, meditations for the awakening of the senses, meditations to live sexuality with a more expanded sensitivity, meditations to relax and silence the mind and get rooted in feeling etc…


Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a mystery to celebrate!!!!


Pd: We will open spaces of open creation, so if you like to sing, dance, act, compose, paint, make poetry, make music, make people laugh, or improvise and open up the channel so that the energy of creation uses you and penetrates you, you are welcome with your instruments or creation tools.



PLACE: CORTIJO LOS BAÑOS  – OASIS AL HAMAM (ALMERIA) – Lucainena de las torres, 04210, Almería

*How to arrive:

+INFO: – 691813589





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