2nd. Module – Training for Couples With Astiko

TRAINING FOR COUPLES: The valley orgasm and how to transform love making into meditation

These two intensive practical trainings have been designed to give you a transforming and revolutionary outlook on your intimate life as a couple, both, on a sexual as a spiritual level. It will completely challenge your ideas and concepts on love. As the years go by, many couples lose the capacity to maintain the freshness and renew the flame of love. The tantric path offers tools to awaken the love and sexual pleasure which has become dormant with time and give it another quality which is deeper, more connected to the body, the heart and the spirit. In this way, by opening a different dimension to your intimate interplay, relationships become stronger. Relating can then become a path for spiritual growth, consciousness, love and truth.

In these times, most of us live in an environment where there is little time to cultivate our intimate relationships and share our energy with our partners in a loving way. Routines and chores of everyday life take a toll on our love making. We have all been to a great extent, sexually conditioned, and we carry fears, tensions and prejudices about sex, which can become a source of anxiety and stress. Tantra’s meditative approach to sex and emotions allows us to experience how sexual practice can become more sensual, loving and gratifying.

Tantra brings a relaxed approach to intimacy and sexuality in general, it offers the dimension of meditation rather than action and it breaks away from the idea of reaching a goal. In these slower paced and sensitive encounters, where there is no pressure to achieve or gain anything, an energetic link between lovers is created which allows vital energy to expand through the body, to nurture the glands and provide long lasting states of well-being, pleasure, love and confidence in each other. The focus is directed towards the inner self, towards the flow of energy through the body and internal sensations, and not so much focused on reaching excitement through movement and friction.

Module 2: The practice of intimacy

  • The power of consciousness and its relation to energy: The masculine energy awakens the feminine with its presence.
  • The power of energy and how it relates to consciousness: The feminine energy attracts the masculine with its openness, fluidity, vitality and receptivity.
  • Expanding pleasure: We will explore our relationship with pleasure and the energy that awakens various different pleasures in our bodies and psyche. We will learn to give each other pleasure and take full responsibility for our pleasurable choices.
  • Understanding the energetic polarities between male and female bodies and how these communicate.
  • The circle of light: How energy flows between the sexual centre, the heart and beyond.
  • Sex as a source of relaxed vitality and loving presence more than excitement and discharge.
  • Breathing as the basis for energy exchange and the expansion of pleasure.
  • Understanding how energy rises through the body or chakras and the different ways in which it is expressed in each of us.
  • Daily practice making love in a meditative way.




My search leads me to tantra at the age of 18. I was studying Philosophy and Orientalism when I found a book of the mystic Osho and left everything to be close to that master. He taught me to die and live with utter totality at the same time, celebrating life in all its expressions. In addition to his lectures, I had the opportunity to participate over 8 years in therapy and Tantra groups, where the work was purely experiential, integrating the physical, emotional and mental aspects, all guided through meditation and towards meditation. Gestalt, bioenergetics, breathing, Ericksonian hypnosis, NLP, tantra, meditation from multiple mystical streams, Jungian work, sex therapy, etc. were techniques that I learnt to create the space I want to share: The absolute presence of mind in the here and now, the relaxation of the heart and the trust on what Is.


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